Making Art

Captain’s Log    5,506

We rehearsed with our real furniture and most of the props last night.

train wreck

Had a few issues with the timing of things.  Ooops!

It was good for them to sit and watch each other (patience) and work out the bugs.  Funny how the same glitches seem to happen in the very same spot for one of the teams.  The entire part about “going to the can with Barbra Streisand” got missed on Saturday and again yesterday.  It’s not as if that is essential to the show, but it’s damn funny.  The very idea of Barbra Streisand in the can is funny enough.  Talking about it as a smashed diva from London makes it even funnier.

Speaking of drunk…..Simon wrote that as “pissed.”  I decided to change that.  “Pissed” means something entirely different here.  Diana is drunk, not angry.  So using “pissed” was confusing.  Well, Diana gets angry later, but I just decided to change all the language to keep things neat.  Nothing pissy allowed.

The cigarettes aren’t working either.  Neither actor smokes, so having them running about with strawberry-flavored lettuce cigarettes is actually more bothersome than it’s worth.  One actor has substituted a Snickers candy bar.  The other one is going to walk around aimlessly whilst carrying the smoke treat without ever lighting up.  I don’t smoke either.  But I think I did in a previous life.

Speaking of drunk, I was looking up some phrases that mean drunk.  I found 3,049.  But this is my very favorite.

He’s Prince Eugene

WTF?  Benjamin Franklin compiled a list that included that phrase.  I love it.  Who in the hell is or was Prince Eugene?

Here are some more from Old Ben:

He sees two moons

Going to Jerusalem

Has scalt his head pan

Eat a pudding bagg

Been too free with Sir John Strawberry

God!  I wish I could talk like that!  I also wish I was as funny as Lily Tomlin.  I wish I was as creative as Neil Gaiman.  I wish I liked butter as much as Paula Deen.  I wish my eyes were as big as Anne Hathaway’s.   I wish I could tap like Gregory Hines.  Oh, I wish wish wish sometimes!

And then, I stop wishing and look around to see the blessings I really DO have in my life.  One the biggest blessings is the chance to come here in the mornings and make nonsense, share a bit of angst-filled crap every now and then, post photos of ridiculous things and moments, and watch my fingers type in the reflection of the laptop screen.  Simple pleasures that give me such a sense of peace and joy.

I love the show.  I love the people.  I love the process of putting it all together.  I love that we are making art.


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16 responses to “Making Art

  1. And you do….just tons of blessings. 🙂

  2. Loving that image. I mean, really? WTF happened there? 😀

  3. It really is marvelous to see that side of you coming out to play. You were meant for this, Poolie, and we all know it. The play will be amazing because you engender wonder and joy when you allow it. And it’s about damned time you allowed it again. I might miss this play, but by hook or by crook I’ll be there when you turn my novel into a play 😉

  4. annanotbob

    I quite like ‘tired and emotional’ for pissed. I walked past a secondhand bookshop the other day that had an English English/American English dictionary. I wish I’d bought it but I was having a mad moment of financial prudence. It cheers me up to hear you sounding so (deservedly) joyful. Hugs xx

  5. Susanna

    Your simple pleasures pleasure us all. I’ll say it for you. Awww! Susanna

  6. maryz


  7. Patty O'Reilly

    I love that last powerful paragraph!

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