Surviving a Party and Squeezing a Tangerine

Captain’s Log   5,504

The big museum party kicked my ass.  GOD!  Over 600 people showed up (not quite the 650 we expected), but we did not run out of food or beer.  I only saw one guy so drunk he couldn’t walk across the room.  That was pretty good.  We still had two kegs of beer that we intend to save for another party they want to have with the guys from Tijuana.  Whatever.  I didn’t get one single picture.  Once the doors opened, I was swamped with putting out brush fires.  The mayor was coming.  The mayor was not coming.  The mayor was coming after all.  Nope.  The mayor was not coming.  Holy shit.  One of the local TV stations showed up for a sound bite.  I went on air for about 60 seconds.  Off he went.  It was like that the entire night.  Everything from The beer is foaming and we don’t know why! to Do I smell marijuana inside the building?

The coconut cookies were amazing.  I bought 600 of them and we picked them up at 4:00 in the afternoon.  Most people walked right past without taking any, so we had a ton of them left.  They went off with someone for a big party on Saturday afternoon.  We let the festivities run an extra hour and then I asked the DJ to please stop the music.  That was the end of the party.  I got home about 11:30 and promptly filled the air tub with water as hot as I could stand (and some Vanilla Lace bubble bath from Victoria’s Secret).  I made myself a stiff drink and climbed in to enjoy the serenity of the hot soak.  I turned on the jets and let the soap churn into a huge mass of bubbles.  It was grand fun and it smelled lovely. I climbed out, dried off, and fell into bed with clean flannel sheets.  CLUNK.  I slept for almost 7 hours (major achievement).  I was still sore and stiff when I woke up, but the hot soak made it all bearable.  By mid-afternoon, I was feeling pretty good.  Just in time for production meetings and rehearsal.

The show has hit crunch time.  We met with the tech team and went over lighting and sound cues.  Then we went over all the other stuff regarding sets, load-in, stage management, etc.  And then, we had rehearsal.  I got home about 7:30 and collapsed.  One of the actors broke a tooth below the gum line and was in screaming pain.  She had seen a dentist but the pain pills had given her no relief.  The tooth comes out today, poor thing.  I had some topical anesthesia that she used and got instant relief.  I sent her home with the bottle.  Hope to see her tomorrow for the first full dress rehearsal at the performance space.  Dental emergencies are never fun.  Hope the extraction isn’t too difficult for her.  Just glad it happened yesterday and not a week later.

Not much is happening today.  Filing medical records and then…..rehearsal!  I know.  Surprising, eh?

One of the actors has an enormous tangerine tree.  He offered for us to take as many as we wanted.  I took about 40 and used 8 of them to make myself some lovely morning juice.  I feel healthier already.

tangerine juice

Freshly squeezed and all natural.  No pesticides.  No chemical agents to make the fruit last longer.  Quite amazing.  And quite a mess to make, actually.  But the kitchen smells….DIVINE!

It’s time to communicate with the hummingbirds.  They are eating so much I have hung a second feeder for them.  Febreze Lady doesn’t like my birds, but that is too bad.  She is also building a huge cement block “fence” across her front yard to keep the cats from shitting in her plants.  I am not the one to tell her that cats are not thwarted by cement walls.  If a cat wants to shit in your yard, it will find a way to do that.


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14 responses to “Surviving a Party and Squeezing a Tangerine

  1. Susanna

    I would have loved to have seen pictures of the low-rider bunch, tatoos, head scarfs, body odor. I’m just guessing. What a busy and productive life topped off with the tub. Perfect!

  2. Feed your soul. In the process you invariably feed others

  3. The party was a smash. Yea!!! I took a hundred or so pictures. Yes, we both can put our pictures on a thumb drive for you. Yea!!! Sorry about herself and the Mayor. I’m sending a note to his staff about what I’m thinking of him.

    We are looking forward to the play and the party.

  4. jo

    You are coming to life again

  5. Crispy

    Hi Poola – greetings from Mexico City. Can you e-mail me info, too…so I can talk to Charlie about it. His Mom is visiting us… is they play appropriate for an 82 year-old??? You’ve mentioned a hooker and a bed scene… just wondering. Ha-ha!

  6. JJ

    That juice looks delicious!

  7. maryz

    Please post dates, times, and location for the play. I need to send this info to our grands.

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