Tacos and the Febreze Lady

Captain’s Log  5,503

Gads!  There are 625 people coming to the lowrider party tonight!  Gads!  Well, I guess that’s better than having a tepid turnout.  I fear we will run out of beer.  These folks are really into….Bud Light.  I am not much of a beer drinker, but even I know that is total crap.  But hey.  We are getting ten kegs of the stuff.  No thank you for me.  I will be too busy running around like a chicken to even think about beer.    

We are having two of these.  There was no way in hell I was going to contract with a standard catering company for this.  Not on your life.  I refuse to prepay for all that food.  You hungry?  Go buy something!


All the comforts of a street fair – replete with the smell

I wouldn’t even know how to arrange catering for that many people.  How many tacos does your average lowrider eat?  Last time we ran out of food (disgraceful) members of the museum board were the big hogs.  One of them took THREE hot dogs and TWO hamburgers and never even came close to eating all that food.  Latecomers to the party got nothing because some people were greedy.

The new mayor of San Diego is coming tonight.  He has managed to make enemies everywhere he goes, so it should be interesting.   He’s still a big catch regardless of what people think.   I realize he will be there to coo at the Hispanic community.  I have no expectations that he will actually be there to see the museum or make a fuss about us.  Heavens no.  We are not nearly important enough.   

Montana Penny has left for home.  3:00 AM came very early today, and she was out the door about 4:10 or so.  It was great having her here.  Really look forward to doing that again.  Maybe a road trip!  

Speaking of road trips, Frank the Painter emailed this morning with an offer to DRIVE to Minnesota this summer and perform for a gathering of Peace Corps volunteers.  Just like we did in Michigan a few years ago.  I am thrilled at the idea of driving!  He wants to take the northern route to get there and the southern route to come home.  That would be about 4,000 miles by the time we were finished.  YAY!

I had better get moving.  Febreze Lady just stopped by to talk about a cat that is pooping in her yard.  She used to never talk to me.  Now, she chatters like a magpie.  She even came IN the house to see the new dining room table.  I am amazed!  


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20 responses to “Tacos and the Febreze Lady

  1. scotvalkyrie

    Hiring the roach coaches for a low rider party is nothing short of brilliant. You amaze me.

  2. joanie

    I would be very suspicious of the Febreeze Lady. She probably wanted to check to see if you have any ASHTRAYS lying around.

  3. Do you suppose she didn’t like Tucker and Sophia and that is why she didn’t visit before? Odd that she is so interested in you now. Hope the lowrider event went well. You’ve got friends in low places where the tacos cost money but there are Bud Light beer chasers….Yes, you’ve got friends…..in low-0h-0h places…..!

  4. George

    And a good time was had by all!

  5. LOL…and here G thought you were only buying 2 kegs. LOLOL…oh my. We will drive Grumpy and bring cash. I like roach coaches. Is the next show Rolls-down-can-hardly’s? You can have a roach coach serving Top Chef foods, and all the foodies will come.

  6. Patty O'Reilly

    If you capture Hizzoner’s ear, tell him for me that the disabled community is NOT on board with his plan to eliminate all parking in the Plaza de Panama. Those are the only spaces even vaguely near The Prado restaurant and the Old Globe Theater. We NEED those parking spaces!

  7. George

    Well imagine that. Humph. Just when you thought it was save. No catered food and the mayor is the consolidation prize. As long as we don’t have to pay him as well as for the food.

  8. “BudLite Biker” is an oxymoron. Freakin’ wussies give us REAL motorcyclists a bad name. Tell ’em they’re all wannabe’s for me, willya? Thanks, toots.

  9. Does she think you’ll get rid of the cat for her? You know she must have some ulterior motive.

  10. bholles

    Did she bring her spray with her in to the house?

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