Shared Pajamas and Ceramic Fruities

Captain’s Log   5,502

It’s been one of those weeks.  So busy my head is exploding!  Meetings meetings and more meetings.  No wonder I don’t get anything done.  I spend my days listening to people yammer.

The Smithsonian people were nice, but they made it very clear that any sort of artifact from them is going to cost us an enormous penny.  So…..  I think if we can get something that fits into a small box instead of a car trailer, we might be able to do it.  Maybe FDR’s driving gloves instead of early-vintage electric car.  One of the museums wants the hat from the Indiana Jones movie.  I can see now that I was thinking far too grand.

Rehearsal went well last night.   Having the bed makes all the difference.  The only challenge is having to move it to different rehearsal locations.  We had as much fun deflating the bed last night as we did rehearsing with it.  Observe the end of the hooker scene where the three actors gleefully deposited themselves into the sinking mass of leaking air.


Husband, wife, and “hooker” (from top to bottom).  See how the husband and the hooker are sharing pajamas?   We ARE doing this show in a church so I chose the pajama route rather thank skimpy lingerie.  And no, she does not wear workout pants in the scene.  She was getting ready to leave last night and the photo was a last-minute thing.  I think she looks like Annie Lennox.  I keep waiting for her to burst into song.

Whilst adventuring on Sunday, Montana Penny and I wandered into a thrift store very near a cache and discovered MORE fruit pitchers from my growing collection!  I snagged all three for just $7.50 (total) and added them to the fruit shelf in the kitchen.  We have been looking online to see what they are really worth, and I got the deal of the century.  Some of them go for almost $35 each.  Huzzah for serendipity!

fruit pitchers

The little pineapple on the left side doesn’t really fit with the others but I didn’t want him to feel left out.  Nothing like a plethora of ceramic fruit pitchers to cheer up the morning.

So it’s a day of more meetings.  What a surprise.  The RSVP count for the Friday night lowrider reception is now at 450! I am expecting almost 600 to show up because people here do NOT respect the idea of letting you know things.  The caterer is taking it all in stride and just laughs every time I call.  Glad someone thinks this is funny.


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23 responses to “Shared Pajamas and Ceramic Fruities

  1. I adore the fruit-pitcher window. What an awesome view! And as to the Smithsonian situation (sounds like a Robert Ludlum novel, doesn’t it?) it’s probably just as well that you didn’t arrange for anything grand. As you pointed out, it will happen after you’ve already gone from the place and would possibly have somebody decide it was a good idea to talk you into returning. You don’t need that kind of harassment when you’re in Tahiti.

  2. Yes, he paid the boys in front. I have a receipt in hand. #233967. Special Event: 2. Amount tendered: 20.00. George Bailey +1
    2-9-2013 at 2:53 pm.

    You bet your sweet bippy.

  3. I flat out love that window. Yes, the little one belongs…for the time being. Yes, the bed works. Yes, you might consider slanting it with plywood. We had to do that with the bed in “Once Upon a Matress.” That was fun.

    Yes, yes, she says waving. We rsvped…waving. For you I will skip WW. 🙂

  4. Love the fruity pitchers…….very cheerful in the morning light.
    Sorry about the early electric car thing…..

  5. maryz

    I have a pitcher (teapot, actually) made like an artichoke. It’s an original “mz” – I made it when I was taking pottery (working on my BFA which I got in 1990).

    Any plan on a trip to Atlanta? We’re just making plans for an 8-day trip beginning 19 October.

  6. scotvalkyrie

    Maybe you could do like the Catholic church does with second-degree relics, which is a piece of cloth that touched the actual relic. So you could display a piece of cloth that touched the snazzy electric car!

  7. joanie

    How adorable is your fruit shelf!!!! And I’m glad you took the pineapple’s feelings into consideration. The others will get used to it in time.

  8. Talking about the Smithsonian finally rang a bell. More than forty-five years ago (good grief!), I worked for a guy whose family had a Fordson tractor that they decided to donate. I think it still worked, but they no longer had a farm…

    My boss had to provide mounds of paperwork and arrange and book transportation — which he paid for. After all the hoops he had to jump through, I hope they put the darned thing on display for a while.

  9. bholles

    You are way too busy. See you tomorrow AM.

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