Lily Tomlin, Tentacles, and Being a Potato

Captain’s Log  5,500

Lily Tomlin was….amazing!  It was a completely sold out house.  She took the stage for almost two hours armed with nothing more than a folding chair, a small table, and two bottles of water.  Every now and then, a screen would come down and some of her earlier work would be shown, but for the most part, it was simply Lily.  I have seen her before, and I must say……she has lost some of her edge.  But considering she is 73 years old and still leaping around like a kid, she did really, really well.  It’s obvious that she has simplified her life now.  I can relate.  I am trying to do the same thing.  Less responsibilities, less stuff, etc.  

Nice round number for this journal entry.  Hooray!  When I get to 6,000, I will do something momentous for myself.  Not sure what.  I have more than a year to think about it.  No need to worry quite yet.

It is great fun having Montana Penny here as my guest.  We spent all day yesterday having one adventure after another.  We started early meeting Good Friend Pam for coffee and rolls at the local bakery/coffee shop.  Then, it was off to do some shopping for office supplies.  Staples wasn’t yet open so we frittered away some time at one of the local Asian markets.  We had no idea what we were looking at, but this MUST be octopus?


Gag me with a tentacle!

Yes, I would probably eat this if stranded on the famous desert island.  Lord help me if that should ever happen.  I might even have to eat it raw.  I would also have to kill the octopus.  I don’t think octopusses (octopi??) that die of natural causes are probably safe to eat.  Then again, I wouldn’t really know.

Rehearsal went well.  I think having Penny in the audience was good for the cast.  Gave them the edge that has been sorely missing.

We had dinner with Big Sister Mia.  It’s a yearly event where they each eat half a chicken.

We managed to squeak in some time for geocaching too.  YAY!  I made it to my goal of 250 caches!  To someone who has 25,000 caches logged, I am small potatoes.  But who cares?  At least I am a potato.

Back to a week of….fun.  Montana Penny is busy doing her client calls and dinners out, so I might see her Wednesday evening if all goes according to plan.  We have been discussing another trip together.  This time, I would love to road trip from Helena, Montana to the Black Hills.  Yes?


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18 responses to “Lily Tomlin, Tentacles, and Being a Potato

  1. I have had octopus before, in sushi. I’ll leave it at that.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Lily Tomlin’s tour de farce. She was and is an amazing performer.

  2. Better Octopus than OctoMom……..Glad you are having adventures and time to blog about them.

  3. Considering the tag on the package says “Octpus”, I’m guessing that yes, you were looking at “octpus”. Very, very astute of you. Comparative anatomy is apparently one of your strong suits. Bravo.


  4. Dear Potatoe……..yes, do it. And too, glad you think we are cute. LOL

  5. If it was really a desert island (meaning hot, not just deserted), you could cook stuff — even fruits — in the sun. The juice of indigenous fruit or vegetable is good cooking liquid. I read that somewhere.

  6. bholles

    Last nite was fun.

  7. Maryz

    Anything you do in Montana is wonderful! Ask her to take you to Lolo Hot Springs and the Big Hole Battlefield.

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