Whacking and Lily Tomlin

Captain’s Log  5,499

The rest of the furniture arrived!  YAY!  With three hours to spare before my houseguest arrived!  I was so excited!  If that had not happened, we would have eaten dinner on TV trays while sitting on folding chairs.  Granted, Montana Penny and I have been through far more challenging adventures together, and had that happened, we would have laughed ourselves silly.  But just this once, I wanted everything to be perfect.  And it was.  Even the dinner turned out well.  Spaghetti with mushrooms and vegetarian sausage.  Salad.  Sesame bread (I love sesame almost more than I love chocolate – almost).  We had some sort of sparkling juice drink and later had coffee and extremely wee ice cream bars from Trader Joe’s.   They were just enough.  About the size of a candy bar.  Cute as can be.

raspberry and vanilla

So good.  So tiny.

Penny helped me figure out the weed whacker this morning and I set to work on the tall clover in the front yards (plus the infernal Bermuda grass that grows like it’s on steroids).   Nothing like the smell of whacked clover in the morning.

I was a weed whacking virgin until this morning.  Penny coached me on how to whack properly.  How to apply just the right pressure on the trigger to keep things humming.  And……the importance of using protection – even when whacking alone.  Especially when whacking alone.

whacking virgin

Whacking protection.  Hey!  Where on earth is your damn mind????


I had so much whacking to do that I ran through two batteries.  One was simply not enough.  One battery only goes for about 15 minutes, and I needed at least 25 minutes to finish the job properly.  Good thing those batteries are re-chargeable.  Whacking could get really expensive otherwise!

Okay – enough about whacking.  I am going to take advantage of this great day with a free morning.  Extremely rare when this happens.  Good Friend Pam is taking me out for dinner and to see Lily Tomlin for my birthday!  YAY!  I am so excited!  Lily Tomlin is a true master!  I have seen her in concert before.  I am SO looking forward to this!  I get to pick the place for dinner too!  What a night, eh?

So I had better get things started so the day can spin and I am ready for tonight’s events.  CHA CHA CHA!


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15 responses to “Whacking and Lily Tomlin

  1. From a person who whacked unsafely (and almost lost her eye), wearing protection is necessary.

  2. farmgirl

    Oh my gosh…am peeing my pants…there is so much fodder in this post just waiting for someone to start in on but, being a super nice, supposedly proper lady, I will refrain. But I am thinking it! Not to worry!! How much time did you spend whacking???? HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! Phew…I will be laughing awhile….

  3. Another Tomlin fan here. She’s a remarkable actress too; on NCIS she played McGee’s grandmother.

  4. All that fun on Day 1…..What can you do top that…well…besides seeing Lily Tomplin in concert……and that’s the truth too….pssssbt!


  5. Enjoy! You’ve earned it all and more

  6. Maryz

    I’ve seen Lily Tomlinson, too. She’s WONDERFUL!!!!!

  7. Hire some one. You are not only above that, you don’t have the time. Did I say that. Cool you tho.

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