It’s the Little Things – Like Inflamed Vocal Chords and a Table

Captain’s Log   5,497

I survived another yesterday.  MAN!  By the time I got home, I had been running about for 18 hours.  That is NOT fun.  I had a bagel (with eggs and cheese) and a handful of Chex Mix as fuel for the day.  I got home and was a hungry little bear.  But at that hour, I knew it had to be something light.  So I had a bowl of cereal and fell asleep in the chair before I could even finish it.  American Idol drifted off into nothingness……..

I am the world’s expert on falling asleep in chairs.  There isn’t a chair made that can beat me.  I even feel asleep one night across two folding chairs when my mother was in the hospital.  Quite and achievement!  The night nurse came in and threw a blanket over me.  In this day and age, they have extra beds in rooms so you can spend the night with the patient, but back then it was two folding chairs.  I was fine with that.

I had another meeting yesterday.  One of those monthly debacles that always makes me pukish (hence the not eating lunch).  Things went well because the major saddle burr has inflamed vocal chords and cannot speak.  Text messages were sent to me throughout the meeting, but I pretended not to notice.  HARRRRR!  Several people at the meeting commented to me later in the parking lot that it had been the most pleasant gathering in months with that particular person out of commission.  How right they were.

Rehearsal was fabulous.  We made a few changes so one character does not have to pretend to smoke cigarettes for the entire scene.  We added some Snickers bars to take up some time.  It works.  She is a falling apart at the seams bitch and her ex-husband has become a health food nut.  She eats a candy bar.  Five minutes later, he is so fed up with her that HE eats one too.  The whole effect is just perfect.

We also rehearsed with the hooker for the first time.  She basically lies there drunk as the man in the scene tries desperately to hide her from his wife.  I played the part one night.  It was kind of fun to lie there moaning a bit and tossing the covers around a bit too.  A little arm flopping too added just the right amount of icing on the cake.  At least it’s easy to learn the lines.  Moan.  Grunt.  Whimper.  Moan.  Sounds like me when I fall asleep on a chair.

Or so I have been told.  I am unaware of how much I whimper in my sleep.  Apparently, it’s quite legendary.  I should set my phone on memo record sometime and see for myself.  I have also been told I cuss like a sailor in my sleep.  That might be entertaining as well.  I DO wonder what dragons come out to play in my personal witching hour.

It’s a regular day at the salt mines today.  Going in at a normal time and leaving as early as possible.  Montana Penny arrives tomorrow for a week-long visit!  She will be making sales calls most of the time, but we have managed to arrange some time for fun too.  My dining room set and sofa are scheduled to arrive tomorrow afternoon.  How convenient for us to have a place to sit and eat!  It’s the little things, yes?




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12 responses to “It’s the Little Things – Like Inflamed Vocal Chords and a Table

  1. Yay for new furniture and compant!!!

  2. Sounds like a great time coming up for you….hope the dining room set and sofa arrived in time too.

  3. .You are having too much fun.
    Where do we buy tickets.
    Where and when do we go to see the show too.

  4. Penny Tushingham

    Yes, let another Poola and Pen Pen adventure begin. This one will not include buffalo snorting at your car window though!

  5. Edie

    If I lived near you, I would definitely see your play. It sounds like a lot of fun and it sounds like you are having a great time decorating your home. I wish I had some of your energy….

  6. When I saw the title of today’s post, I was afraid it was your throat that was sore. Lucky you, on two counts. And of course, you would never be so rude to the others in your meeting as to give more attention to the texts…

    A lesson taught, but probably no learned.

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