Another Pre-Dawn Crack of Doom

Captain’s Log   5,496

Another early day.  4:15 and I am heading out for a media hoopla morning at the museum.  Two days in a row.  Not my style.  Thank goodness for strong French press coffee.

Rehearsal was a train wreck last night.  It happens.  They know they were awful.  I don’t see this group again until Sunday.  I think they were very humbled by what happened last night.  Expecting greatness from them on Sunday.


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17 responses to “Another Pre-Dawn Crack of Doom

  1. Bad dress rehearsal means great opening night. Everyone knows that!

  2. I once knew a drama coach who insisted that the worse the dress rehearsal, the better the performance. So keep the hope up!

  3. farmgirl

    your rehearsal kind of reminds me of a high school choir that didn’t sing the Hallelujah Chorus right and a certain very pissed nun told the audience they could do better so she made them sing it again. With very red faces they did. It was very humbling. See? I still remember it. I heard every group needs a really bad night to perform really well. So there you go. Break a leg!

  4. I almost wish I lived in SD so I could see your TV escapades. Almost 😉 Would love to see you, but not live in SD, lol.

  5. Getting to “crunch” time on the theater scene. Hope it all comes together for all of you.

  6. scotvalkyrie

    I’m sure you were great on TV … you were a great docent when we visited the museum!

  7. You looked and sounded great!

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