New Lights and Ready for Action

Captain’s Log   5,494

I am BACCCCKKKKKKK!  The nice internet man showed up on Saturday and got me reconnected with the world.  I also got this huge cable thing that I still don’t really know how to use.  DVR.  My friend who used to work at Time Warner said they call that a VCR on crack.  We shall see.  I attempted to record something last night.  I will find out later if it worked.

I am working like a dervish getting the house in shape.  I am having a ball figuring out where to put things.  I bought two lights at Target yesterday that look like mini theatre lights.  Totally cute.  

theatre floor lamp

Right up my alley.  Loved them so much I bought two.

Miss Mage and her hub unit, Geezer, are going to help me figure out a way to hang the lovely quilt that Miss Marna had made for me.  I would like to put that on the dining room wall.  It’s a huge empty white space that needs an enormous something….an enormous bright something.

Being without internet for almost a week was a real lesson.  It’s amazing what you get accomplished when you aren’t farting around on a computer.  Astonishing!  Having experienced that, I am going to put a curfew on my internet now.  No more playing around after 8:00 in the evening.  Kind of like eating.  I try not to eat past 7:30 in the evening.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  No snacking or late dinners.  I feel sick when I eat late, so why put myself through such hell?

The show is coming along.  We hit a roadblock on Saturday.  Right on cue.  Several people in the cast feel defeated and stupid and want their scenes cut from the show.  It always happens around now.  Some people take off like rockets and the rest of them think they look bad in comparison.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but that is their perception.  So now I become a therapist in addition to being a director.  Every single damn time.  I know it and am no longer suprised.

Well, it’s Monday again.  DAMMIT!  Off to the salt mines.  Our business manager is in Mexico for three weeks to assist her daughter with the birth of her second child.  Three weeks!  Good thing I know where she keeps the checks.


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8 responses to “New Lights and Ready for Action

  1. DVR is awesome. Not just for recording but for pausing and rewinding live tv. I like to turn on a show, pause it, leave for 5 minutes then when I come back I can FF through all the commercials. That is some cool super-power, right there, lol

  2. We have the play in our book. Hurrah. Can we bring munchies.

    Quilt. We need to make a sleeve for it…after the play. And I have a rod. How big is this brilliant thing.

  3. That’s some cool lights! And great minds think alike. I just bought a new living room lamp this afternoon. I was a copycat before I knew about it 😉

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    Super lights! Take up almost no space and can go anywhere. I LOVE the idea of hanging the quilt! Looking forward to the play, too.

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