Stealing a Moment

Captain’s Log      5,492

Where have the days gone?  I am still frittering about with the nasty head cold.  Two nights ago I woke up feeling pukish and went to the kitchen for a glass of water.  Pukish was right.  Right in the kitchen sink.  No warning.  And then (to be indelicate), the fireworks manifested from the other door.  I brought a magazine into the bathroom with me because it didn’t make sense to even leave the room.  Apparently, this is also one of the side benefits of what’s going around.  I went to work for a very short while and then attended a meeting – and that was it.  I was hungry around 4:00 and had dinner with friends (since there wasn’t any rehearsal due to flu). 

I feel completely renewed this morning.  I moved a bookcase from my bedroom into the office about 6:30 AM.  It was nice to actually handle each book and make a decision about whether or not it was going to stay.  I culled 10% and will be donating them to a book exchange where several of my pals work.   Book exchanges are fun.  I did that all across New Zealand.  People wrote notes about who they were and where they were going.  I had grand fun.  My traveling companion refused to engage with any of this because he had an OCD aversion to touching used books.  So, I read to my heart’s content and he was bored playing Solitaire in the campervan every evening.   We had no phones, stereos, televisions, etc.  It was just us.  I was grateful for the books!

The show is moving along.  They are all supposed to be off-script as of today.  That usually means they fall apart and get frustrated and feel like they haven’t accomplished a thing.  That’s where the therapy skills of the director come in.  There is a lot of hand holding and cooing.  But only for a few days.  Then, I start to get tough.  I explained the process, but the inexperienced ones still don’t believe me.  They will.  In time.

Okay, enough.  I don’t have internet hooked up until tomorrow, so I am stealing this writing moment at work.  I know it isn’t a big deal, but I really DO have things to accomplish before I leave for yet ANOTHER afternoon meeting.  BAH!  Who calls 4:00 meetings on Friday??????



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9 responses to “Stealing a Moment

  1. Those who want to control have meetings at 4.
    I so hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you had both the cold and the flu. We love ya anyway…from a distance.

  2. joanie

    Oh yuck, sounds like you had that horrible stomach virus. Glad you’re feelling better. I came on on to read your journal yesterday and must have got distracted and had to leave in a hurry, cuz when I just turned on my computer this morning, here it is. Sorry about the late reply.

  3. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling so well – and glad it seems to have improved. Just don’t overdo it; the nasties have a tendency to recur if you push yourself too far too soon. *Hugs*

    How cool to hear the progress of the show! You have far more patience than I ever would, lol.

  4. jo

    do you. plan to stay then!

  5. Cant wait to hear about your meeting.

  6. maryz

    Hang in there, Babe! Have you ever gotten to have THE meeting?

    • poolagirl

      I have decided to have THE meeting with them all in the room. I don’t trust this individual to say the right thing in my absence.

  7. Penny Tushingham

    Well it sounds like your “explosion” pushed all the nasty out of your body. Maybe you can catch up on some sleep this weekend which will help your body as well. Only bad people arrange 4:00 meetings let a lone on a Friday?

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