Furniture Guys on the Way!

Captain’s Log  5,491

Wow!  It was quite a birthday!  WAY too much sugar and way too much fun at rehearsal last night.  The actors are really starting to nail things down.  I have asked that everyone be hands-free by Friday.  No more scripts.  Yes, people can ask for prompts and lines, but the security blankets have to go bye bye.  There is always a considerable amount of freaking out when a director hands out this deadline, but hey…….  tough love.

I have been having a grand time setting up my house.  The furniture company made a massive screw up with the delivery process, and I raised a stink with them yesterday.  So…..they are delivering a partial order today.  I chose very neutral colors for the living room furniture because my artwork is very vibrant.  I am trying to have SOME semblance of good taste.

edward sofa

The Edward Collection.  I just hope some sparkly-faced boy doesn’t pop out of the cushion and bite me in the neck!

Why on earth do they give you so many pillows?  Do you really NEED all those pillows?  They just fall on the floor.  I am going to keep them for emergencies.  Like….in my earthquake survival kit.  It doesn’t call for superfluous sofa pillows, but you can’t be too prepared.

Big Sister Mia was an angel and helped me purchase a bunch of cool stuff.  Thanks to her generous birthday gift, I have a little steam cleaning machine AND a new floor cleaner thing.  What a nice sister!  As soon as the house is in shape, I will have her over for egg salad sandwiches.  I’m sure she will be thrilled.

Ooops!  Furniture guys just called!  They are on the way!


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19 responses to “Furniture Guys on the Way!

  1. What a nice sister you have.

  2. Yes, you need the pillows. Recover them to match the art. They will give the room vibrancy and pazazz. Bring the art down to the sofa and chairs. I have too many pillows, but they hide the fact that the furniture is of many ages.

    What fun. all of it. Waiting for other news. Hanging on by my finger tips.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Happy birthday fun! Extra pillows are great for lounging around or starting a pillow fight… tossing one at someone to make a point…. so many possibilities

  4. George

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love the couch! Those pillows do come in handy for an afternoon nap.

  6. Exciting, yes indeed. My mother was a great one for decorative pillows, maybe because she was such a good salesperson she sold them to herself. They were never solid enough to be useful, like in the small of your back or under your knees.

    The dog would have loved to play with them.

  7. Patty O'Reilly

    New furniture is so exciting! I think…it’s been a long time…

  8. maryz

    I have to love anybody with “vibrant art work”. You’re going to have fun shopping in our house.

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