Lack of Integrity or……Is That Being True to Yourself?

Captain’s Log     5,489

Sooooo……..  I wasn’t able to announce my plans to join the circus yesterday.  I got a late notice that our meeting had to be cancelled.  I was already at the Starbucks with everything I needed.

stood up

Spoiled all my fun!

His depth of character in this situation was made even more apparent to me.   So……what can I say?  I think someone is a big fat coward.  That’s what I think.  Other people are on to his games now, and I think he is feeling the crunch.  

integrity2Well, I have to give him credit.  He is consistent with is own moral code.


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20 responses to “Lack of Integrity or……Is That Being True to Yourself?

  1. …and too, I thought it was her. She’s just like the her he had to deal with at his other job.

  2. George

    Some people just can’t give up control over others. “North end of south bound mule”.

  3. Penny Tushingham

    Your final decision isn’t going to go away no matter how he tries to avoid you!

    Pen pen

  4. I’m sure he realizes the outcome is inevitable and is attempting to manipulate things yet again. He probably also realizes that it won’t work this time, so he’s gone into full avoidance mode. Doesn’t change the outcome, just speaks even more loudly to his utter assholitude.

  5. Daniel

    Would it surprise you if I said I’m not shocked by his actions? (More accurately, inactions.)

  6. Patty O'Reilly

    Eventually you will have to identify “HE” so that we can all remember him with we see the Obeah Woman. Maybe we could all get him a spell for a perpetuual itch or a big ol’ sore on his nose that will show the world that he is rotten from the inside out…

  7. You can’t just join the circus anyway. Jeeeeze Louise.

  8. One of the things the hypocrite has not yet learned is that breaking appointments or otherwise canceling events without appropriate advance notice is grounds for financial or legal recourse. Not that you would sue, of course, but maybe you could make him squirm.

  9. maryz

    Sighhhhhhhh! The trapeze and elephants will just have to wait for you.

  10. joanie

    Oh, well, now you can look forward to it for a few more days. Nothing like cancelling at the last minute.

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