My Spiritual Saviour

Captain’s Log   5,487

This cold is an ass kicker.  Whoever thought of this packaging concept was a genius!  A genius!

drug pack

Oh yeah, baby!  Way to knock it down!

Rehearsal is going well.  Last night, I got to see the “fight” that was choreographed for the final scene.  It is totally hilarious!  Two “invalid” cousins on the bed making a huge fuss and the other two cousins duking it out in the living room.  Lots of yelling and swinging of tennis rackets.  Oh my!

I really like the cast.  Everyone is so supportive of each other, and that’s what it’s all about.  It is such a joy to be associated with something good and positive with people taking the time to attend to the needs of the group.  What a concept.  This is where I belong.  This is what feeds my soul.  Instead of a soul sucker, I need a soul feeder.

I just Googled “soul feeder” and this image came up.  Not quite what I was imagining.


Soul-feeding antler woman with significant body art

I thought I would see daisies and stuff.  Google is a funny duck sometimes.

I wonder why antlers are so often used to portray something natural or supposedly spiritual.    Back to Google.   Results.

The stag has a variety of symbolic meanings. It can indicate someone skillful in music and a lover of harmony. It may also indicate a person who foresees opportunities well. In the latter case it is a symbol used for one who is unwilling to assail enemies rashly, who would rather stand his own ground than harm another wrongfully, and one who will not fight unless provoked.

All righty then…..antler woman is a fine symbol.  Not too keen on those big ear plug things she is wearing, but that’s okay.  Take what you need and leave the rest.

I was standing next to a guy with enormous ear plugs the other day.  His ears were really fatty and thick, so the plugs made his ears shift sideways.  He looked like he had wings.  I know people have choices about how they wish to express themselves, but that is just not for me.  I would rather wear shoes that match the color of my sweater.  Rod Stewart wears colorful shoes too.  I felt an instant cosmic bond with him in Vegas the other night.  Too bad the security guards wouldn’t let me get close enough to tell him.


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8 responses to “My Spiritual Saviour

  1. goatbarnwitch

    my daughter’s boyfriend has small extenders and they really are distracting like the piercings in odd places. I don’t get it but then I am officially OLD

  2. I get it — shoes that match my outfit is more my speed than something outrageous. For some of those things, I think you have to be tall to pull it off. If I shrink much more, you’ll have to search just to see me.

  3. Not a fan if the plugs either… And what is nastier is the way the lobes look when the plugs are out.

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