Nyquil Moments

Captain’s Log   5,486

hab a code

I hab a code.  It finally blossomed.  Big Sister Mia does too.  When you are surrounded by 300,000 of your best friends, it’s bound to happen.  Especially when you are playing slot machines.  Fingers full of germs pounding on the SPIN button all day long.  Big Sister Mia sounds much worse than I do.  Good thing she didn’t have to fly with a stuffy head.  She flew back from Atlanta a few years ago with a cold and it took over a year for her ears to finally work right.  Nasty stuff.

Nyquil at night and Dayquil while awake.  Wonderful stuff.  One knocks me horizontal and the other one keeps me on my feet.  I over-did the Nyquil thing one time while performing for a large group of kids in an elementary school.  I figured if two teaspoons was a good dose, half a bottle would really work well.  Cripes.  I was completely loaded.  One of the stories for the book I really need to write.  Life on the Road as a Mandolin Player.

Then there was the time a Jesus freak housekeeper kept coming into our motel room and changing the channel to the PTL Club…and leaving open Bibles on the pillows.

How about the night a moose wanted to fuck my car?

Or the time I left my harmonica in the car in -30 degree temperatures and pulled the skin off my lips when I tried to play it?

Attacked by a goose.  My only salvation was walking across the farmyard with a refrigerator box covering my body while the goose went ape-shit and flung itself in my general direction.

The motel manager who said he liked my trail mix AND my panties that he played with while we were out working in the school.  He actually ADMITTED it!

Being snowed in with people who served us popcorn for dinner.  Popcorn that they doused with brewer’s yeast.  GAG!

Sleeping in a hand-painted bed that was once on display at the Smithsonian.

Served a piece of pie right in the tin because, “It’s the last piece and I ain’t gonna wash no extra dishes on account of you.”

Standing alone on a desolate highway in northern Minnesota in the middle of the night – watching Haley’s Comet burn up the sky.

And on.  And on.  Those were amazing years and I miss them sometimes.  It’s amazing what a hit of Nyquil will trigger.  Or was it Robitussin?


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15 responses to “Nyquil Moments

  1. Perhaps the book should be called, “Travels with Nyquil.” Sorry it turned into the real thing for both of you. BBBBBiiiiiggggg Huuuggggssssssssss frommmmma G I A N T D I S T A N C E.

  2. Patty O'Reilly

    Sorry about the code in da node. But I LOVE your travel glimpses! My parents owned a motel and we lived in it through my high school years. WOW, what an educaton THAT was! We got a real good look at the soft underbelly for sure… My favorite: the hefty Russian woman who came into the office asking to borrow a butcher knife. My father asked her what for and she frankly stated that she wanted to kill her husband. I guess she thought candor would count. It didn’t. I loved it when the Rodeo came to town…except for the bugle every morning.

  3. Ooh – have some popcorn and brewer’s yeast soup! It’s, like, Mormon chicken soup or something. I think that’s what I read.

  4. Feel better. My hub is sick too.

  5. Joanie Benson

    Sorry to hear you’re sick! Hope you feel well enough by Friday to come and get your hair done!

  6. Ooh, I am suspicious of the Nyquil. Just remembering the alcoholic who said she was quitting drinking and continued consuming all that Nyquil…

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