Vegas Re-Cap

Captain’s Log   5,485

Home again….and what a time it was!  We easily connected with Nephew at the airport and went outside to grab a taxi.  We were pulled out of the taxi line and immediately offered the first available cab.  That happens every now and then.  YAY!

After settling into our rooms, we headed off to play a bit and then went over to Caesar’s Palace for a quick dinner and the Rod Stewart show.  What a performer!  He’s still got the moves!  And his voice sounds the same now as it did then.  Damaged and full of soul.  It was really great!

Everybody called it an early night.  Some people stay up 24 hours in Vegas, but nothing is that exciting to me anymore.  We were all tired little puppies.  

Saturday started with a trip to the buffet at the Paris casino.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven when the crepe maker handed me a Nutella and banana crepe!  Oh!  There is nothing better.  

Paris Buffet

Wow!  So real I almost felt like I was really in Paris!  NOT!  LOL!

After that, we headed off to the Mob Museum downtown.  The brochures said the museum can take three hours to complete, and they were right.  We were there almost three hours and there was still a lot I didn’t see.  That place is amazing!  I bought a membership so I can get in free and people who are with me pay only $10 instead of $20.  Since the membership was only $25, it was a very good deal.  I will be going back there in April with Amy and Kelly.  Wahoo!

We went to a really great place for dinner.  KGB Burgers.  Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers.  I know.  They have a hammer & sickle motif there, so I thought it was the Russian secret police too.  After spending the day at the Mob Museum, I certainly had organized crime on my mind!  

The milkshakes there are amazing.  I am a plain vanilla bean pirate, but Nephew was more adventurous.  He got a Captain Crunch milkshake.  


A little too much even for Nephew who can eat glass and paper and tin cans.

Sunday was the best!  We started off the day with a Continental breakfast in Rhonda’s suite.  She asked for a bit larger room to entertain the eight of us, and this is what she got.  Holy mommacita!

Rhonda Buffet

Pastries, yogurt, fruit, coffee, juice, and….chocolate covered strawberries.  Oh joy!

Then it was off to watch the big game.  And what a game it was!  I was rooting for the Ravens because I love underdogs.  Having been an underdog for most of my life, I know how sweet it is to finally win something.  And…what a win!

By Sunday afternoon, the smoke and pollution of Vegas had really done a number on me.  Combine that with the beginnings of a cold, and I was really not feeling the best.  I went to bed immediately after the game and woke up feeling somewhat better.  I was concerned about flying with a stuffy head, but Big Sister Mia had some real Sudafed (the loaded stuff that makes your heart race – the stuff you have to sign for now at the pharmacy so they can regulate how much you buy).  Thank goodness!  I made it home with only a slight moment of pluggy ears discomfort on the plane.

Then, it was business as usual.  I went to Home Depot to buy bird food supplies and then it was time for rehearsal.  I simply cannot let a cold (or whatever this is) slow me down.  Too much to do.

I was thinking about the Sudafed thing and gun control.  It’s easier for me to buy and assault rifle than it is for me to buy four boxes of Sudafed at one time.  Am I a silly nut for not understanding this?


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12 responses to “Vegas Re-Cap

  1. No you are not, and welcome home. We love ya.

  2. It never fails, when I’m hungriest I come read and you’re talking about food, lol. So glad to hear you had all that fun! And just think; on retirement you can travel to your heart’s content.

  3. My brother and I both use Sudafed to control our nosebleeds (a hereditary condition). I have to provide name and address and show my photo ID to buy just one box. Everyone at the pharmacy knows me, but they still have to unlock the cabinet with the “illicity drugs” and ask me for ID.

    Reminds me of when the public library did some reorganizing. There were books that were “shelved separately,” much in the manner of those locked drug cabinets. A non-librarian did the reorganizing, now that we had a special room for science… Somehow the books on chess were still kept in the locked basement, but the sex books were out on the open shelves.

  4. Penny Tushingham

    Reading about all that great food has made me super hungry!

    Pen Pen

  5. Joanie Benson

    Sounds like you all had a great time!

  6. We had such a good time in Vegas. Cant wait till we go in April for my birthday.

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