Cultural Differences Can Make Us Stronger

Captain’s Log  5,481

They are here!  The lowrider cars and trucks and the lowrider dudes!  

gold truck

The most amazing one so far.  What a color!

And the bad comments have already started.  One of our docents actually said, “Must have sold a lot of drugs to afford a paint job like that.”  Totally disgusting.  Why do some people have to bash and belittle what they don’t understand?  These cars are about legacy.  These cars are members of the family.  These cars reflect cultural pride.  So once again, I find myself in the position of having to tell people how to behave.  The last thing we need is for our visitors to hear remarks like that out of the mouths of those who are representing the museum.  So I have issued a statement that explains the purpose of these cars, the zero tolerance policy for racism and rudeness, and an option for those who cannot abide by these simple rules of conduct to take themselves off the schedule for the next four months.  Granted, there are only about 3-4 who make statements like this, but that is 3-4 too many.

The docent we “released” for being inappropriate wants to come back.  Oh dear.  This is the guy who made racial and sexist remarks to our female Mexican bus driver…..AND he is the one who copped a Nazi salute in the gift shop.  AND he is the one who repeatedly dropped the “N” bomb in the library right in front of two African American volunteers.  That guy wants to come back?  And he wants to come back for a LOWRIDER SHOW??????  That would be like putting the museum in a vat of gasoline and giving him the match.  No way!  No way!  And, he is a Tea-Bagger from the tip of his toes to the top of his head – and he spews his radical Republican ideas within earshot of our visitors.  So no.  He will not be back.

The exhibit is a lot more than just cars.  A lot more.  Take this hubcap lamp.

lowrider lamp

I really like this!

I think this would go great in my house.  I have lots of strange art, and this would make me so very happy.  I offered the guy $100.  I think he might consider it once the show is over.

To celebrate this show, we had tamales from Tijuana yesterday.  Oh dear.  I had a maize and pineapple tamale, and it sat like a stone in my gut for about 8 hours.  I was enormous and so very delicious, and I have nobody to blame for my discomfort but myself.  Half the tamale would have been about right for me.  But noooooooo…..  I had to eat the whole thing.

Catering today will be from In N Out burgers.  They are really popular here in spite of the crazy name.  Someone told me they make a cheese sandwich thing as well as burgers, so we shall see.  One of my staff wants to get the super-duper cheeseburger so everyone can share.


How gross is that?

I don’t think we will be doing that.  At least I hope not.  That is quite pukish.

So off I go.  I have a meeting, finishing up the exhibit narratives, hanging the last of the big banners, and a farewell reception for a colleague in the park.  No rehearsal tonight.  I need some down time before going to Las Vegas in the morning!  YES!  Rod Stewart tomorrow night!  The Mob Museum on Saturday.  Super Bowl party on Sunday!   Just way too busy.


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22 responses to “Cultural Differences Can Make Us Stronger

  1. George

    I bet when we had the show for the volunteer cars, those folks didn’t make a comment like that when they say the 1955 Buick Century that belongs to our library guy. Or the Pierce Arrow. Narrow minded bigots.

  2. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with intolerance and worse. It’s still all too prevalent in the world and the museum is just a microcosm of it all. Still waiting to hear that you have sailed on to bigger and better things!

  3. You know I love you more than my luggage — and I support you in whatever direction you may go. oxoxoxoxoxox

  4. ““Must have sold a lot of drugs to afford a paint job like that.” ”

    Yes. He’s a pharmacist in Pasadena.

  5. goatbarnwitch

    Down time and a weekend of fun – go for it! The lowriders look very cool and that lamp is a gem. I can’t stand people who won’t step our of their capsules to explore a larger world…. that guy sounds like …. not good

  6. Re: previous blog….Sorry to hear that they still have their heads up their buttocks……Don’t be surprised when they “rehire” all those trouble makers and then find themselves in the midst of a big lawsuit or something. Of course, you tried to tell them but they think they know so much better. But in the meantime, you will be off on bigger and better adventures. What a great beginning of 2013 for you….
    I agree with previous comments….don’t give them any more of your time or attention than you have to….they won’t appreciate it at all….Hope you use up all your sick time or vacation time before you leave….make sure your cell phone is not on any lists to call you in the middle of the night when all Hell…and the ghost….come to visit the museum…..

  7. maryz

    That lamp is so wonderfully kitschy. What a treat!

    Re your volunteers/docents – just how much longer do you have to deal with this stuff? Have a great weekend!

  8. You will leave the museum better than you found it. I hope the eejits don’t tear it down. Two qualities I abhor are bigotry and ignorance, and they seem to find each other all the time.

  9. Patty O'Reilly

    Sounds like it will be a fabulous show. And some volunteers are worth exactly what you pay them. Just sayin’…

  10. Rod Stewart……oh, envy. Yeah, make notes for your replacement about this guy. What a >>>>>>>, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>, and >>>>>>>>>>>>>>!

    Have a great time….that show will be the highlight of your career there. 🙂

  11. Penny Tushingham

    Just another confirmation that it’s time to set you sails again and now have these types of negative people in your space!

    Have a super time in Vegas!

    Pen Pen

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