Moving On….As Expected

Captain’s Log     5,480

The second chance was short-lived.  Seems that some people cannot maintain even a semblance of honor.  I got the answer I was seeking.  But I would not have been able to live with myself if I had not tried.  Didn’t even make it a week.  

So now I must work on the forgiveness that must be granted so I can move forward with a clear heart.  I am the one granting the forgiveness.  To those who have harmed me and to myself for whatever part I may have played in the creation of such a mess.  

Moving on.


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35 responses to “Moving On….As Expected

  1. I’d say I’m sorry but it would be an exaggeration. We all knew it was time for you to fly, and you can’t fly when someone has tied a lead ball around your neck. Let them do what they will, and Godspeed. You’re off for adventure!

  2. George

    I had a feeling this would happen. They weren’t going to change overnight.

  3. Joanie Benson

    People don’t usually change their colors for very long, do they? Their motivation to change will hit them after you’re gone and they realize what they’ve lost. Who will they find to put their heart and soul into that museum like you did? No one, that’s who. Now go to Vegas and fagetaboutit.

  4. farmgirl

    What’s that they say? “When a door closes……” Get thee out the window! What fun watching your next big adventure!!

  5. I’m sorry things didnt work out but I am so proud of you for sticking to your guns!!

  6. maryz

    I’m late getting in today. Sorry the grace period turned out to be so short. But you gave it your all! You’ll land on both feet, as always. Now go to Las Vegas and celebrate.

  7. Nope, and don’t give them a lot of time either. By law you are to give them how much? Don’t waffle. Don’t apologize. You are out of there. Gonzo you.

    Now on to the Theee-ah-tah, dear.

  8. goatbarnwitch

    considering it didn’t take long for reality to show it’s self you should move on without any concern for having given them your best consideration before moving on

  9. Good luck (not that you ever need luck, it seems) and godspeed. I hope this portends better things 🙂

  10. Edie

    Wishing you the best in whatever you do….

  11. jett

    Good for you for doing what’s right for you. Now walk tall & proud and go have fun!!

  12. To anyone who tried, the explanation is “you cannot keep your house in order.” To the ones who didn’t try, “I am sorry you cannot tolerate the way I run your operation. Goodbye.”

    It’s too bad, but there’s no reason to put up with people who don’t appreciate you.

  13. Patty O'Reilly

    Ever onward, Paula! We are all in your corner!

  14. bholles

    Cant wait to find out what happened.

  15. Penny Tushingham

    No Ned to forgive your self. You have gave it 150 percent and you can walk away holding your head super high. You have the respect of your staff and the car community and that is all that matters. It is their loss not yours! Those sails are anxious for new adventures.

    They couldn’t even last week, oh please!

    Pen pen

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