Trains and More Trains

Captain’s Log  5,479

I went to Los Angeles yesterday on business.  I went there with some folks who insisted on taking the train.  I got to the station in downtown San Diego around 7:30, paid $20 to put Sister Mary Zoom Zoom in the lot for the day, and waited for my traveling companion to arrive.  


Santa Fe train station in downtown San Diego.  Lovely space!

We boarded around 8:00 and took off for the big city.  We traveled Business Class so there was free coffee and snacks.  Nice!  We picked up two more people for our party at the Solana Beach station.  Sorry, but it’s ugly.  Looks like a Quonset hut.  

solana beach station

Maybe it’s supposed to remind us of the war days when the California coast was supposed to be attacked.

We pulled into Union Station in Los Angeles just in time to witness the filming of some sort of cop movie.  There were filming an evacuation scene, so we had to wait and stay out of the shot while crazed people ran out of the building.  After that, we were allowed to hail a cab and took off for our meeting.


Classy Union Station in Los Angeles.  Very nice!

The meeting was good.  It lasted about an hour.  We had some lunch and then took a cab back to the station.  One of the guys insisted that he knew where to catch our train back, so we wandered down to track 11.  There was a train there and the door was open, so we got on.  And we sat there as the only passengers for a very long time.   Wrong train.  The train we were SUPPOSED to get on was on the next track.   And it left right on time.  Finally, the conductor came by and told us we were on the wrong damn train.  We got kicked off and had to change our tickets.  Long story short, I thought I was going to get back to San Diego just before 6:00.  I got back just after 7:00.  I went immediately over to rehearsal without a moment to grab a soda or a piece of cheese or anything.  Thank goodness for the complimentary trail mix on the train.

I rode on the ocean side of the car and thoroughly enjoyed the spectacular sunset that entertained us for quite some time.  Rehearsal was also a treat.  They had really worked on the scene and it is coming along nicely.  I got home close to 10:00 and was ready to drop into a heap.  Fifteen hours days are a bit much to take.  Granted, I was sitting around on the train not doing much, but it wasn’t like I could really do anything else.  I was with business people and we kept up the chit chat the entire time.  

Back to the museum today for the loading in and building of the new lowriders exhibit.  Three days of that and then I take off Friday morning for Las Vegas and a weekend of fun with my sister, my nephew, and a variety of friends.   That will most definitely be a welcome break.

Time to head out and see how much work piled up during the one day I was out of the office.  Based on the number of phone calls I took yesterday, it should be a huge amount.  At least we are catering in lunch today for the crew.  Potato tacos, rice, and beans.  A nice reward for work well done.


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16 responses to “Trains and More Trains

  1. Despite the long day, it sounds like a good thing that you got away from the museum for the day. Glad to hear it!

  2. maryz

    We loved our trip from Fullerton to SD on the train last year. Loved the SD train station. We had taken a train from the LA station before, and it’s gorgeous, too. It’s a shame they didn’t let you get in the movie shot as extras.

  3. Anything out of the norm can be exhausting even when you are having a good time. I know you are counting the days until Vegas……hang in there.

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    For the many years I attended the Los Angeles Gift Show I always took the train. I could relax and enjioy the view and do my “homework” for the show in comfort. Often when I came home my younger son and his surfer buddies woiuld be in the parking lot south of Del Mar where the bridge turns inland. They would all stand atop the oild VW bus and wave madly at the train, kinowing that I would see them. Then it would be a race to see which of us got back to La Mesa first. They always won. The lights would be on and there would be a glass of wine poured waiting for me and all those gleeful young faces SO pleased with themselves. Good times.

    • poolagirl

      A friend of mine was on the train with us yesterday – going back from the gift show! How funny is that?

      • Patty O'Reilly

        Wow. How long has she been doing it? I go back to the old days before the Convention center was finished and the “showrooms” were outside in tne temporary “Bubbles”. In fact, I remember when there were showrooms in the Brack Bldg. on 7th Avenue in downtown LA. Ah, those were the tough old days!

  5. Potatoe Tacos?

    Yes, I love that train ride. I am so grateful they put our benches back, and I love that they haven’t taken benches out of LA. Are you going to work for them? We have to have dinner when the show is over. I need the news.

    We need directions to the show too.

    Have fun with the load in.

  6. Joanie Bensoni

    Did someone say potato tacos??? Yummmm.

  7. You had the good stuff of trains, except for the wrong return train. When you look at those stations, you see part of why we like traveling by train. And watching the ocean as you ride…

    Most especially, you don’t have to travel half an hour from the airport to your city. 8)

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