Crab Meat

Captain’s Log   4,578

Rehearsals are going so very well!  We have reached the stage of learning how to slap someone’s face without hurting that someone, falling onto furniture, “smacking” each other with tennis rackets, and slamming down phones on the first try.  Grand fun.   I have never seen a group more excited!  It’s a lot of work for just two performances, but the process of rehearsal is also vastly rewarding.  Oh dear, I said “vastly.”  I sound so very proper.

So glad Big Sister Mia and I went to the new Trader Joe’s on Friday.  It was an absolute zoo there yesterday.  People were parking more than a block away.  Friday was a total party atmosphere.  Mia can get really crabby sometimes, so I asked her to pose with this.

crabby barb

Nice lei and crab meat.  Why is it called “meat” if it’s seafood?

The black plastic tarp on the roof is keeping the skylight from leaking.  The garage floor is dry.  And I am so very relieved.  

I am off to conquer this day.  Working at the doctor’s office, getting some grant documents signed, rehearsal, and then taking Mia and Joanie, Hairdresser Exceptionale out for dinner.  I also have to do some banking and buy bird supplies.  There is never any rest.  I do manage to read every day – even for just a few minutes.  Last night was nice.  I read for two hours and finished this book that is our club selection for February.

one i left behind

A serial killer who was active in 1985 is back!  So is one of his victims who did not die.  His modus operandi is to cut off their right hands and leave them in milk cartons on the steps of the police department.  Five days later, the bodies are found posed serenely somewhere in the town.  The handless survivor is not much help when he attacks again.  Can the handless survivor’s daughter solve the mystery?

McMahon has written some excellent books.  This is not one of them.  It’s just plain icky.

Time to get this day started!  Daylight is burning!


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14 responses to “Crab Meat

  1. Being Monday now, I note this just appeared in my computer. Maybe I am off days …sideways perhaps. I used to love Trader Joes. I confess, terrible of me, but I have taken a dislike to it. I used to love their stuff but now you can find me at my neighborhood market where they hire folks full time with bennies.

  2. Lovely to see Mia’s sweet face. Did she wear the lei to the bookstore so everyone would be properly delighted? Good luck with the roof repairs and with work too.
    I’m sure the play will be wonderful. Hope someone will videotape it for you.

  3. Mia looks quite fetching in her lei. And how apropos to be settled into an island theme whilst brandishing a can of seafood. I approve.

    Glad the garbage-bag solution is keeping the skylight issue under control. Are you still getting rain then? We’ve had some off and on for the past couple of days, but the sun is shining again. Haven’t looked too closely though – it may just be a brief peek through the clouds again.

  4. maryz

    How does Sister Mia rate a lei? Did you get one, too? They did a piece on CBS Sunday Morning today about making leis.

  5. bholles

    Trader Joe’s was such fun. I just ate a wrap with turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato. So good. See you later.

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