Rain Rain Skylight Skylight

Captain’s Log     4,577

The roof continued to leak even after Chris, the Roofing Guy fixed it.  What a puzzle.  So he came back yesterday and did the water test.  He sprayed and sprayed and sprayed the roof.  And of course, nothing leaked.  I felt like a fool standing in the garage waiting for the water to come down the wall.  Chris then asked his helper to hit the skylight with a good stream of water.  Within a minute, there was water on the garage floor.  

Leaking skylight.  Easy to fix.  Thank goodness.  I have four skylights in the house, so he is coming back to re-caulk all of them next week – after this spate of rain that is lasting until Tuesday.  For now, I look very ghetto with a nice black garbage bag on the roof.  But hey, the garage floor is dry.  And it looks like midnight in my kitchen.

I guess you can get leak-proof skylights.  I might look into that someday.  But for now….a little caulk goes a long way.

no leak

So expensive you have to call for an estimate.  Hope the caulking takes care of things for awhile.

So the plumbing went poof and the skylight too.  All within two months of buying the house.  NOTHING happened for the four years I lived here as a renter.  Isn’t life funny?


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20 responses to “Rain Rain Skylight Skylight

  1. Now I am not reading things over G’s shoulders.
    So, I’m bursting with questions the main one being, will they answer your concerns?

    Solar Tubes work great too. I want several, but we can’t have one.

    I remain one of your greatest fans…………even if you live with black bags on your roof.

    • poolagirl

      I have no idea what they will do. They have no concept of how much damage has already been done. Sadder fact is…they really don’t care.

  2. Mage

    Mage says……………
    Wow, I didn’t think they would do that either. Now you can take the poop with a lighter view (maybe). Sorry about the leaks, you can join me at the pool for water.

  3. George

    Good luck with the skylight. Now for yesterdays comment……….. I bet they only change for a very short time. Just long enough to find a cheaper replacement. “Cruella” will get in the middle of things again soon enough.

    ps. You are our hero!

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that things start happening now. As a renter you had to call the landlord for repairs and bet you never thought about it after. However despite neither the leak nor the plumbing being fun, they’re reasonably minor fixes. Could’ve been much worse!!!

  5. If I lived closer, I’d had sent my husband over. He’s a carpenter/contractor and put in our sky lights. He’d have fixed them for a spin in a ferrari. 🙂

  6. “If you might be a homeowner”….if everything starts to go wrong about the same time. the good thing is that you know it is repaired and don’t have to keep calling the previous owner…….

  7. Black trash bag? They didn’t have a length of Tyvek?

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Youm might have recaulk all the vents on the roof as well then you’ll be set for a while. All caulking dries out over time and if you get it all done at once you don’t have to remember what you have done and what you haven’t had done.

    Pen pen

  9. maryz

    Things always go wrong right after the guarantee expires. Glad you found the problem quickly – and hope it’s a good fix.

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