So Easily Moves the Air

Captain’s Log   4,574

I was so proud to be an American yesterday.  To see 800,000 people show up to welcome Obama as our President for the second time was heartwarming.  To hear him speak about marriage equality and immigration decency was something for the record books.  His speech was all about working TOGETHER to make this country able to move forward again.  If we do not compromise, we will fail.  The writing is on the wall.  I am so glad I am of an age now where I don’t have to scramble for the leavings of the rich anymore.  I feel sorry for the young ones who are just starting out.  I do believe their journey will be much harder than mine ever was.

I wasn’t too keen on them eating bison for lunch.  That was an enormous gag.  Having been in Yellowstone a few months ago and getting up close to the bison (close enough to touch if I dared stick my hand out the car window) made it even more gaggish.  

And have you ever seen a classier First Lady and first kids?  Not since Jackie Kennedy!  What a stunning family!

obama babes

So beautiful!  Malia is almost as tall as her mom!

So now the hard work starts again.  I bless everyone who is working for positive change.  I bless those who are still in fear of “losing” something if they compromise here and there.  Compromise is not about losing – it’s about making it possible for everyone to win.  How sad some people cannot see that.

I had a “compromised” experience this morning.  I make the hummingbird nectar and they eat it.  Nice deal that works for both of us.  When I went outside this morning, I noticed that the feeder was empty.  Two hummers were flitting about looking for breakfast.  I went into the house and refilled the feeder, and when I stepped back outside, the birds were still there.  I spoke softly and said I was coming to put the feeder back.  One hummer flew off but the other one stayed with me the entire time.  He hovered and waited patiently for me to put the feeder on the hook.  All of this within 6-8 inches of my face.  Hummers are so fast they have no innate fear of humans.  How lovely is that?

hummer 2

A delicate mover of air and space…..and my heart 


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9 responses to “So Easily Moves the Air

  1. The hummers we have here don’t hang around humans at all. I’m jealous!

  2. Here’s hoping sooner or later the idiot factor realizes that change and compromise are not dirty words: they’re integral to our survival as a nation. Our First Family as a whole is pretty classy, imho.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    I sat down to watch the inauguration speech and was very impressed with the words that were said. I hope that the system allows those words to be born into reality.
    I love hummers, they are absolutely magickal. You are very lucky to have such beautiful friends

  4. Yes, I stuck with every word. NBC offered a truncated version on it’s evening news cast missing many important words, but I had heard them the first time around. I also have to confess that I was among the millions interested in what all three ladies wore. Oh shame on me.

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