Montana Penny, the Hero

Captain’s Log   4,571

My friend Montana Penny has been assisting with the rescue and placement of 160 severely neglected Malamutes.  The assbag who neglected them received a very serious sentence (30 years), and now the dogs can be placed into loving homes.  Until the court stuff was all complete, the dogs were considered “evidence” and could not be adopted.   

One of the dogs is going to the Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah.  It’s an enormous place that houses almost 900 animals on 30,000 acres.  Horses can run, dogs play, etc.  I want to share the photo of Brick who was rescued and now on his way to the sanctuary where he will live happily until someone comes and takes him to his forever home.  Thanks to Penny for sharing these photos.


Brick is a shy guy with a lot of love to give.

Hopefully, Brick will go to a good home where he can play and be part of a loving family.  Something like this.

dog on sled

This looks about right.

I want to thank Penny for having the heart to help with this project.  Since she couldn’t devote a lot of time at the actual shelter, she housed many volunteers in her home – people who came from far and wide to help socialize the dogs, groom them, etc.  We can all do amazing things when we work together.

Thank you for being a hero, Miss Penny.  

poolie and penny

Two friends trying to stay out of trouble in Helena last November

After reading about Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah, I have put it on my list of places to go.  Who’s in?


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24 responses to “Montana Penny, the Hero

  1. RYN: You and your life are gonzo. Every bit of it. I love it.

  2. We had a white Malemute years ago named SNOW with blue eyes. He was the sweetest dog. What a wonderful way to help with those animals…..

  3. Thirty years???? Bloody hell. I’m not minimising the horror of what they did but still, thirty years? Brutal, unforgiving, deeply shocking.

  4. Joanie Bensoni

    What a wonderful and kind person Penny must be.,

  5. Ter

    I’ve said to Hubby if money was no object, I’d have a place similar to Best Friends Sanctuary. How great! I love stories like this (the animals getting forever homes, not that they were in terrible conditions to begin with).

  6. Miss Penny defines the word “hero”. Bravo to her and all the others involved in the rescue and recovery of those beautiful dogs.

  7. Daniel

    Bravo to Montana Penny! My sister is part of a team that rescues abused and homeless dogs in Upstate New York. She tells me stories of abuse that make me ashamed to be a human. I only wish that the laws to protect animals were more rigid and the consequence more severe. People who abuse animals–any animals–are assholes.

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Actually Best Friends is taking five and they should be there about 1 pm this afternoon. I haven’t been there in a number of years but it is an incredible place that I hope to visit again. It’s taken a whole country including Alaska to get these dogs healthy enough to move forward with their forever homes. 22 will be heading to rescue in the Los Angeles area around the first of February. Then more to Delaware and Colorado. The stories coming from those already adopted are incredible. The dogs are adjusting really well and quickly.

    The true heros in this story are all the folks involved in malamute rescue around the country.

  9. Jeesh (need coffee). What I forgot to add is that Dogtown is part of Best Friends. Visiting there is also on my list. It’s apparently very near one of the polyigamous compounds that Warren Jeffs started in St. George. (DON’T want to visit there)

  10. Bravo Penny. What a grand lady you are.

  11. There used to be a series called “Dogtown” (I think) on NatGeo. They actually took several of Michael Vick’s dogs to rehabilitate. They do fantastic work. Here’s their channel on YouTube.…0.0…1ac.1._J9w5yplsl4

  12. bholles

    That would be right up your alley.

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