The Moral Bankruptcy of a Billionaire

Captain’s Log  4,570

I found a blog that is written by the owner (founder) of Whole Foods.  I read a few entries and then left a comment expressing my dismay at his corporate greediness.  Naturally, he is a chicken shit and requires his personal approval before any comment can post.  I can guarantee it will not be posted.  What a chicken shit.   Yes, I have a filter on this journal for first-time comments too, but I only limit the ones that are truly offensive.  I do not limit comments when people disagree with me.  Mr. Mackey is such an asshat.  He apparently apologized for using the word Fascism.  It’s a little late and a pound of over-priced organic oranges short.  We filthy liberal scum hippies are not going to take it anymore!  We will take our Whole Paychecks and shop at Bristol Farms if we feel the need to pay 300% more than what those groceries are worth.  If these corporate nimrods are all about money, then we need to fight them where we know we can hurt them.  Money.  What a fool he was to expose his weak flank to the masses.  Julius Caesar would have never put him in charge of anything.  He has no common sense tactical skills whatsoever – and I don’t care that he made a fortune as a grocer.  As a human being, the man is morally bankrupt.

If you check out Mr. Chickenshit’s blog, you will see that he is only allowing comments from people who kiss his skinny little ass.  Oh wait! I just checked the site! He doesn’t even write his own damn blog! Holy crap! I am really on an angry roll today!  YOW!

Whole Foods Jerkazoid’s Blog  Go ahead and leave him a comment.  He won’t post it.

If he is as famous and amazing as everyone says he is, that blog should be rolling in comments.  But it’s not.  When the going gets tough, the true colors show.

And then there is Lance Armstrong.  Don’t get me started on him.  The upside is that he raised tons of money for cancer research.  But when you are famous and in the public eye, you must watch every step you take.  Every move you make.  They’ll be watchin’ you.  I’m surprised he got away with it for as long as he did.  When Michael Phelps was “busted” for smoking a bong, he came back with a statement that he never signed up to be a role model.  Tough bounce.  You are in the public eye, you are a role model.  It’s one of those “soft” benefits that you can be grateful for or….you can choose to act like a jerk.

I don’t even watch football and I heard about Ryan Leaf.  Another sad story.  I saw him on the news last night in a striped jumpsuit.  So there you have that one.  He went from earning gazillions of dollars to robbing houses for drugs.  What on earth?????

And as long as I am not understanding people today, who in the hell is that Nicki chickadee on American Idol?

nicki Dressed up like a porn star taxi driver

It seems that we have become a culture where out-weirding each other is de rigueur (neener).  What ever happened to respecting someone for their talent and personality?  Don’t get me wrong.  I truly understand eccentric (ahem), but this is over the top.  There is a difference between interesting and off-putting.  Interesting point.  I know this journal has been off-putting to people.  I know there are folks who take offense at my “attacks” on the right wingers, religious zealotry, and son-of-a-bitch billionaires who deprive their work force of reasonable employment benefits.  So yes, I too am guilty as charged.  I put a bucket on my head and offer online photo contests.  Yup.  I suppose that is weird.  I suppose it’s weird that I don’t write about recipes or cry in my beer about how terrible my life is every damn day.  I am a 95% happy person, and that is what I choose to do here.  I write about absurd things and massive flaws in logic.  It’s how I see it, and I can do that without wearing watermelon-sized platform shoes or dressing up like a porn star taxi driver.  But bless those who feel they must do these things.

Speaking of buckets……check out this guy who robbed a restaurant in Louisiana.  He forgot his mask so he used….a bucket!  Not the best idea in this case.  Hilarious hidden camera tape.


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10 responses to “The Moral Bankruptcy of a Billionaire

  1. ruffinbt

    I have a good friend who was more or less fired from Whole Foods because her cancer reoccurred. Nice people, huh?

  2. I have read the occasional article about Nicki Minaj. Those were enough for me. Like Lady Gaga, it’s all about the shock value with her costumes, so much so that anyone rational can figure out it’s an attempt to overcome either a massive insecurity or a worse lack of talent.

  3. Is that the current fashion? They get all kinds of plastic surgery so that they all look alike, and then they choose weird attire so they’ll look different?

    One of the reasons I love my favorite shows is that the regular characters don’t look alike.

  4. bholles

    That American Idol person is too strange for me. I am not to watch it.

  5. i’ve always thought most of those overpriced places and many of the so-called celebrities are like the Emperor’s New Clothes. Actually nothing of value with any of them. I can’t tell the difference between many of the new “stars” ~ they all look alike, they say the same things and their talent is usually based on how obnoxiously they behave. Of course the social media makes them into icons whenever they mess up as if their life choices are the utmost in achievements.

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