Big Food – Whole Foods Off My List

Captain’s Log  4,569

I built the rehearsal schedule for California Suite last night.  What on earth have I gotten myself into?  I built in a few days off, but there is so much to do.  I have us rehearsing on weekends too.  I might relax the schedule if things go well.  There is such a thing as being over-rehearsed for a show.  Several of the actors probably don’t need that much rehearsal, but I paired the stronger actors with those who aren’t as experienced.  The worst thing ever is to put two weaker actors together for a scene – since there are only two people on stage at a time.  We will see how this goes.  After this is over, they will probably never want to see me again.  I am a taskmaster when it comes to rehearsals.  I don’t fool around.  And people really DO look good up there.  And that is what we want to see.

I am meeting with some folks today to help me secure some of my intellectual property from illegal seizure.  It’s nice to have an idea that someone thinks needs protection like that.  Frankly, I never considered it.  I just do things.  I don’t have that strong competitive edge that most people do – except when I play word games or Texas Hold ‘Em.  The gloves come off.  Watch it, maties!

Anyway…we are meeting a one of the more prominent Jewish deli places here in town.  Well, there are only two Jewish delis, so I guess that would make them both prominent.  I enjoy going to places like that for the ambiance but the food is WAY too much for me.  How on earth can someone eat like that?  I also don’t like brown mustard.  Or Dijon mustard.  I barely like yellow mustard (except in egg salad).  So going to places like that is not a meal treat for me.  Looking at mile-high pastrami on rye bread makes me want to puke, actually.


Lox at Milton’s Deli in Del Mar.  No thanks.  But it is an excellent word in Scrabble if you hit a triple.

I have a friend from New York who made me matzo brei years ago.  I loved it!  And have never been able to find anyone who can make it as good.  Scrambled eggs with mazto crackers.  Looks like crap.  Tastes great!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Since my meeting is mid-afternoon, I might just have a lemon bar.  It’s the size of Rhode Island and costs $6, but I can take half of it home.

And speaking of food……Whole Foods (also known as Whole Paycheck) is owned by a total asshat.  He is another one who wants to cut hours for his workers so he doesn’t have to pay healthcare.  Considering who goes into those stores (filthy liberal hippie scum with lots of disposable income), I think he just cut off his nose.  When a bag of raw sugar costs $12 at a store like that, Mr. Asshat is making a TON of money.  How dare he act like this?  Greed.  It’s all about greed.  When is enough enough?  I think I see a boycott just around the corner.  Yup.  Indeed.


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22 responses to “Big Food – Whole Foods Off My List

  1. The US really needs to re-examine its labor laws, because right now there’s absolutely no incentive for Big Business to treat its employees or its customers right. Everything labor unions worked for is being eroded, and the unions themselves are being slowly legislated out of existence. When we really need them, as this paradigm becomes the norm, we’re going to be SOL because the government (the ultimate Big Business) will have eliminated our rights altogether.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    Whole foods has been blowing smoke for quite some time… glad I don’t have to drive by one out here in the hinterlands of upstate NY. As for intellectual property, that is an interesting concept I never considered until I was interviewed by a reporter from the wall street journal on just that subject and my cheesey inventions. Worth considering protections me thinks.

  3. I’ll make you vegan Matzoh Brei. You’ll love it! and as far as Whole Foods? They can keep it. I’ve never liked shopping there.

  4. Just when our area in Indiana is finally getting a Whole Foods store….now you tell me!
    I hope you found something wonderful at the Jewish Deli….and good luck with saving your wittiness for only YOUR publications.

  5. I won’t try to feed you mustard (although my dad always said it made cheese palatable). But if you come to my house, I will gladly make you matzoh brei. My recipe, not my hustand’s.

  6. Lox….blegh; however, the bagel looks good!

  7. maryz

    We’ve only been to a Whole Foods once (to get Dungeness crabs for our Xmas dinner), but probably will never go again. Hate the snob appeal. But even more so now that I know about the owner’s policies. No more Papa John’s pizza, either. And I quit Domino’s years ago over the owners militant anti-abortion stance. (But I still love a huge pastrami sandwich with brown deli mustard. Sorry.)

  8. And sure, I will come there and do a library profile as I haul you off. LOL My selections are worse.

  9. We don’t have one over here anyway. Me. I love liverwurst, American Cheese, sweet pickles, and Miricle whip are heaven. G agees. The one in the valley will do. Great matzo ball soup.

  10. Patty O'Reilly

    The prices at Whole Foods don’t offend me nearly as much as his political statements. I fear I’m done there, too… Too bad, since visiting the store in Hillcrest was always a special treat for me. Ah well…

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