Might It Be Time For Another Film Series?

Captain’s Log   4,568

I have decided I am going to do a video recording of Fifty Shades of Grapes.  As long as nobody whines.  Just a snippet to whip it because it’s all I can do.  Or maybe I could just read the entries done for the photos some of you submitted for the last contest.

I am trying to think what else Angela Lansbury can do.  She wore a bucket on her head.  And also she interpreted Fifty Shades of Grey.  I have my thinking cap on but not much is getting through.  Maybe I need to fashion another foil hat to attract the attention of the Muse.  When I drove cross country back in 2008, I wore a foil hat through New Mexico trying to attract some alien friends.  Big Sister Mia then informed me that foil hats REPEL aliens.  No wonder I never saw any.  The hat worked beautifully.

This little being has it going on.  Foil hat AND goggles.  In a quasi-steampunk sort of way.  I wasn’t supposed to snag  the photo but I did.  Please don’t call the internet police.  They already visited me for posting a photo of horse lips.

foil hat

Stolen photo that is more inspiring that God

The guy who owned the horse lip photo insisted I remove it or pay him $50.  I didn’t argue, but I wanted to ask him why he put in on an open-source place like the INTERNET without any sort of disclaimer.   If you don’t want people using your stuff, put it on Flickr and limit access.  So much for that “professional” photographer.    If I want to use the photo of the kid without the watermark, it would cost me $90.   

Here’s another horse lip photo just to be naughty.

ha ha equine

Funnier than most people I know

It’s actually more of a horse teeth photo, isn’t it?  

One of my friends got “banished” from Facebook for three days for violating some sort of code.  Nobody can figure out why this happened, but it almost made me laugh.  I had no idea that Facebook has a naughty chair.  Posting horse lip photos on Facebook might possibly land me on the naughty chair, so I will stick to this journal.  Far less public than Facebook.  Not as likely to be discovered.

Busy stuff at work.  New exhibit loading in in about 10 days.  And no, we are not ready.  We are never ready.  But we always manage to squeak it out.  Vegas trip in just two weeks and a day.  I am slashing red marks on the calendar.


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6 responses to “Might It Be Time For Another Film Series?

  1. The horse looks mighty amorous to me. Think I’ll pass on his kiss.

    And the video sounds simply scrumptious. Do it!

  2. Joanie Benson

    That horse needs to see a dentist. Now.

  3. bholles

    Yeah Vegas here we come

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