Bags or Hoods – Still the Damn KKK

Captain’s Log  4,565

Not everybody has a hairdresser exceptionale who gives them fake Angry Birds made in China – but I do.

fake angry birds

No green pigs with this set, but they are still uber cute!

I really like Joanie’s new salon.  They even have one of those Keurig coffee machines.  I don’t get that concept at all, but some people really like it.   The little cup things are soooo expensive!  I understand that you can just let people do their own thing and you never run out of coffee, but…….I am a French press devotee to the max.

KeurigExpensive designer coffee

My friend from Chicago has one (not a Keurig maching) , and her cup cartridge things are even more expensive than these.  Something like 75 cents each.  If you wanted a latte, the milk thing was also 75 cents.   Most people have two cups.  So….(do the math)…..that’s $21 a week just to drink coffee in your own house.  That’s $1,092 a year.  Just for YOU!  If you have guests every now and then (which most people do), your coffee could cost you $1,500 a year.  That seems excessive to me.  I think I average about $3 a week on Trader Joe’s coffee.  $175 a year AT MOST.

When I was in Philadelphia at a conference a few years ago, they had these machines in the room.  There were no directions except a sign from hospitality management (when the blue light is on, coffee is ready to brew).  Now, I assumed that meant hit the damn START button.  “Ready” and “start” usually go together in my world.  Wrong.  That meant to hit the cup size.  Long story short, I had about 16 cartridges in my room and ruined every single one trying to make a cup of ANYTHING hot.  Coffee, tea, hot chocolate.  When I went down to the desk in the morning, I mentioned my issues.  They nodded and said, “Yes, the directions are terrible.  Most people screw it up the first time.”  I guess it was easier for them to just keep buying those expensive cartridges rather than print out new directions that made sense.

The asshat gun dealer dude who said he would start shooting people if anyone tried to take his guns away has had his handgun permit revoked.  Ummm……..  yeah.  We are supposed to be AFRAID of people who make statements like that, right?  Isn’t that supposed to be one of the big warning signs of mental illness that everyone is so fired up about now?

Went to see Django Unchained last night on a whim.  The jury is still out.  I had bad dreams from watching the film.  The language was horrendously difficult to hear (but accurate for the time).  The blood was truly awful (typical of the director’s style), and the subject matter was totally heinous.  But….just like in Shakespeare’s time, there was comic relief.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this scene.  It’s supposed to be the first ever raid done by the KKK.  And they are having a tremendous challenge with their hoods (known as bags in the scene).  Beware to all who are easily offended.  Don’t click it.  But you appreciate truly dark humor, go ahead.


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22 responses to “Bags or Hoods – Still the Damn KKK

  1. That clip was downright Monty Python-esque.

  2. Joanie Benson

    OMG, I have to admit, that clip was hilarious. What idiots! Anything that portrays what idiots they are can’t be too offensive. F— all y’all. And f— that damn Keurig machine too! No wonder my rent is so high! Half of it probably pays for the coffee pods. Mediocre coffee, at that!

  3. Just watched an episode of Boardwalk Empire where the KKK killed some black people and then were upset when one of their own was killed. At the funeral, they dressed the dead man in his KKK garb and all his cronies wore their outfits in “respect”….without the hoods. How disgusting and it is just as bad today.

  4. ruffinbt

    My husband pissed and moaned for weeks about having to have a Keurig. (he doesn’t drink coffee at home. yeah, I know) So I got him one a few Christmases ago. It lives under the sink, and I had to throw BOXES of the coffee away. They were taking up too much room, not being used, and nobody I knew at the time had a Keurig. He still hasn’t missed them. The hot chocolate is dreadful, it is like that watery crap out of a vending machine. Now having said all this, we also have a little reusable metal basket that you put your own coffee in, you don’t HAVE to buy k-cups. Everybody I know that has one loves the thing. I don’t drink coffee so I don’t really know. I’m gonna put this stupid thing in the new motor home.

  5. Fergetabout it. I say shaking my head. I had a nice afternoon museuming and dozing and reading while G froze to death in your M. He’s bringing a space heater next week. And yes, he had vast layers and a knit hat to boot.

    But no Tarantino.

  6. goatbarnwitch

    k cups fine when I have to try to public thingy.. the hood scene – priceless. Not sure I can deal with a QT trainwreck for that little moment though

  7. Steph Rake

    I loved Django…for the same reasons you did…Quentin always has some comic relief after the “horrors”. Off to see Amour tomorrow.

  8. LOVED our Keurig (a casualty of Hurricane Sandy since the water came up higher than the level of the top of the table). We get our K-cups at Sam’s club – fair trade Newman’s for about thirty cents a cup. I just massively scored on Starbucks brand – a coffee shop was switching machines and selling the Starbucks for $3 instead of $8.
    (We have another brand of coffee machine now, which uses K-cups. It’s a good machine but I miss the Keurig. Of course, L-Empress usually just puts on a pot of coffee every morning.)

  9. I used one of those Keurig things once to make tea, when I was at an office. Took me several tries too, and even the receptionist who did it routinely had problems. Never underestimate mankind’s ability to over-complicate and over-charge for something simple.

  10. Patty O'Reilly

    Yup. But I won’t be rushing to see the whole movie anytime soon.

  11. Patty O'Reilly

    The IQ level is about right.

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