Too Much Togetherness

Captain’s Log  4,564

Sometimes, there really CAN be something as too much togetherness.

double sweat


The only way I could even fathom doing something like this is if I was part of an Arctic expedition.  And someone fell through the ice or something.  And only if immediate body heat would save a life.  That is the ONLY way I would think this was a cool idea.  Is that guy smiling or grimacing?  I think it’s a grimace.  Sure looks like a grimace to me.  Hope he got paid well for that.  But my guess is he got zip – was probably posing for a friend’s business.  Neither one looks like a model.  They look like neighbors or someone’s relatives.

The more I look at it, I can see this sweatshirt thing working for a live Nativity scene.  She looks a bit holy-mother-ish dressed in blue and gazing toward heaven.  He looks like he isn’t the baby-daddy with that grimace on his face.  He looks like he’d really want to flee that manger, get the taxes paid, and go back to Nazareth and drink wine.  But then again, it made sense to wait for the royals who showed up with all gifts.

But I am sure Joseph really WAS the baby-daddy.  The word “virgin” back in the day didn’t mean someone who never had sex.  It meant someone who was unmarried.  So yup, Joseph was the baby-daddy.  They would make a great couple for Jerry Springer’s show today.

Speaking of those gifts……I wonder what happened to them.  The frankincense and myrrh…..yeah.  Big deal.  What good are those things to a baby?  Frankincense was used as perfume or incense and myrrh as anointing oil.  The gift of gold would have probably made the family rich, but that story doesn’t play out in the Bible.  Joseph toils as a carpenter and Jesus gives up his worldy goods (which was probably easy since he didn’t really have any).  I think the whole Jesus story would have been a lot more compelling if he had been rich….or at least middle class.  Just saying……

Thank goodness the person who used to read here religiously (no pun intended) took his toys and went home.  He was very offended by my theological “insights” and thought I was a blasphemer.   And he told me so.  I guess I had no business making him think about anything other than what his minister told him was true.  I respect the fact that some people want their spiritual beliefs fed to them without discussion or dialogue, but I am not wired that way.  I am fascinated with belief systems and the concepts of faith.  I always wonder “what if” and rarely say “that is the absolute truth written by God.”  I don’t think God would have created curiosity if she/he didn’t want us to use it.

And to think this whole thing started with a picture of a sweatshirt.  Rambling mind fueled by strong coffee.


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12 responses to “Too Much Togetherness

  1. I read the Dan Brown novels and while overall I thought the things were poorly written and boring, I did note a couple of things, at least part of which was definitely true. The Hebrews passed their lands along through families, so there were pretty much no homeless people in the time. I’m sure there were some without incomes, but if there were going to be true homeless they’d be the widows and children – and those were never mentioned as being homeless. There have been numerous interpretations saying Jesus referred to his home, and of course there’s the ongoing current controversy about text where Jesus referred to his wife.

    I never could find confirmation one way or another if Brown was right about the law that Jewish men of the time marry. If that were the case, either Jesus was married or he was breaking religious law. Either way it would change the way modern history depicts him.

    And as for that sweatshirt, I can see only one possible use: Siamese twins. Or with modifications, politicians – it would have to be a double-sided hood in their case, to accommodate both faces.

  2. Sweatshirt might work at a football game…but I don’t like the shared hood part…..if one is very tall and one is much shorter…someone is going to have the sweatshirt hood pulling them……
    Maybe this would be good for the Cult wives…..keep them all in line…..

  3. Joanie Benson

    By the way, about the sweatshirt..don’t even do this on an Arctic Expedition. What if one person dies??? You’d be dragging around a dead body for the rest of the expedition because it doesn’t look that easy to get out of. Especially if the other person can’t help you.

  4. Joanie Benson

    I can’t help it…every time I see something about the 3 gifts I think of the time my grandaughter Carmelita was telling us this story when she was about 4 years old (eons ago) and she told us how the Wise Men brought Gold, Frankenstein and Merle. Dave and I about peed our pants! lol Loved l’empress’s story!

  5. I try to hold these back; it isn’t right to insult someone else’s religion. But I think I’m gonna do it anyhow.

    There is a story of a very holy nun who eventually died and arrived in heaven. She was commended for all her good works and asked if there was something special she wanted in heaven. And she said she would like to meet the Virgin Mary.

    She was brought to a little old Jewish lady in a housedress. The nun knelt in awe and asked, “Oh blessed mother, what was it like to give birth to the Son of God?” The answer, in Yiddish, of course was: “I would rather have had a girl.”

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