Whoosh of the Hawk

Captain’s Log     4,561

So I went to the museum in Carlsbad yesterday.  It was really fun.   The two guys I went with were impressed beyond belief.  They are finally beginning to understand what I mean when I say a museum is supposed to be INTERESTING and ENGAGING for visitors of all ages.  How long have I been preaching that?  Hmmmm…… almost eight years.  

They also bought me lunch.  In a restaurant that I really cannot stand.  


PF Chang’s China Bistro

I know it might sound crazy to some, but I really don’t like that place.  It’s extremely over-priced and 99.9% of the menu is meat-based.  No thanks.  I settled for some $12 vegetarian fried rice.  Gads!  Not my style.  But it was free.  I choked down about half the order and then “forgot” the take-home box when we left.  Oh darn!

After the museum visit, I sat in the parking lot to listen to voicemails.  All of a sudden, out of absolutely nowhere, a tremendous Cooper’s hawk whooshed right in front of my car!  Screaming as he whooshed.


Amazing power and grace – and enormous poops

These birds also whoosh across my backyard every now and then.  They are looking for rodents.  Sometimes, they get lucky and snag a little field mouse.  They have also taken doves that are ground feeding under the thistle socks.  BAM!   Instant Wild Kingdom.  

So I was cheering for Notre Dame last night.  I have a tendency to cheer for losing teams.  I cheered for the Vikings on Saturday night.  Anyway……  I wanted Notre Dame to win because I have visited the campus AND I have a lovely Notre Dame sweatshirt.  That should be reason enough to cheer for them.  Plus I really dig their shiny gold helmets.  But alas, they got their asses trounced.  Wow!  Two football games in three days.  I usually watch ONE football game a year.  The Superbowl in Vegas.  With 3,000 of my closest friends at the Paris casino convention area.   It’s our yearly thing with Big Sister Mia.  We watch the game, eat constantly from the buffets set up all over the place, and cheer.  Last year, I ordered a rum & Coke.  They brought me three right away so they wouldn’t have to keep coming back to our table.  Seriously!  I drank two.

So Beyonce is going to do the half-time show.  I don’t really know her.  Every time I see her name, I think of fabric softener sheets.  BOUNCE.  Is that the one with the bear?  Oh wait!  That is Snuggle.  I don’t use dryer sheets.  They are made from lots of nasty things including a-terpineol, benzyl acetate, and……animal tallow.  No thanks.  I don’t want to dry my clothing in lard.  In fact, I don’t want to do anything that involves lard.

I grew up watching my grandmother cook everything in lard.  I owe her a big thanks.  Watching her do that made my decision to be a vegetarian even easier.  My mom wasn’t much of a cook either, but at least she didn’t use lard.  She broke the chain, but I still became a vegetarian.  

I start rehearsals tomorrow night for California Suite.  So excited!  Since it is mostly two characters onstage at a time, people can run lines anywhere.  I don’t have to be present at every line rehearsal.  Plus, there is a stage manager for things like that.  I will be more involved when we set up the stage and do the blocking, etc.  That’s when the fun really starts!  I cannot wait!


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25 responses to “Whoosh of the Hawk

  1. I’m not a fan of PF Changs either – they seem to engender strong feelings one way or another. You either love ’em or hate ’em. And you’re right: they’re HUGELY overpriced!

  2. Sometimes a free lunch is not a meal…..Thanks for cheering for Notre Dame….it’s a shame they didn’t do better but at least they had an undefeated season for a change.
    I know you will enjoy the play and the preparation….

  3. annanotbob

    I saw Beyonce at Glastonbury and (apart from thinking she should have put a skirt on instead of performing in her knickers) she was FANTASTIC! a really great show. xx

  4. Penny Tushingham

    When is the play?

  5. …and the address is? How is your set designer doing?

  6. …big poops? LOL Sounds like everything is moving on marvelously. Sorry you hate that place. I love their lettuce wraps.

  7. maryz

    We LOVE hawks. We’ve had red-tailed hawks living in our “back 40” (in the middle of town) for a number of years. The first year we watched them build their nest and were so excited to get to see the babies. And then, DAMN!, the leaves came out on the trees and hid the nest. Oh, well – we could surely hear them.

    Be sure to let us know when and where your California Suite will be performed. I’ll try to get Alison and Joe to come.

  8. Joanie Benson

    I didn’t know you were doing California Suite! How did I miss that? Can’t wait to hear the details on Thursday when I see you.

  9. Rhonda

    the tempura string beans, vegetarian lettuce wraps and dan dan noodles are ALL a great vegetarian choice there….

  10. I have a dear D’land friend from Alabama. I was pleased at the outcome. I was also pleased that the Bowl Committee donated $1 for every ticket to the UConn Scholarship Fund for Newtown students.

  11. How funny you ate at PF Changs. We were just talking about that place.

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