Dang Those Itchy Feet!

Captain’s Log    4,560

Back in the saddle again.  Why do those precious days off fly by so quickly?  I didn’t get a single thing done that was on my list because it was too wet.  Cannot run a weed whacker in the rain.  Well, I suppose you could.  And today is gorgeous and sunny and not a day for weed whacking.  And I will not be here to do that.

The bright spot today is that I am spending most of my time at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad.  It’s an amazing place and we are going there to get some ideas for our own exhibits.  As a musician, I can get totally lost in there.  Check out the styling of this unique guitar head.

guitar head

How beautiful is that?

I got some reading done.  I finished the book about the Gypsy boy and read a great travel adventure about the Meadowlands in New Jersey.  They were a massive dumping ground for years and parts of the swamp have started a slow recovery.  Hard to say if it will ever be what it was.  Chances are no.

the meadowlands

Toxic waters in sight of New York City

I love travel adventures (true stories), so I am reading this one too.  It’s about a 54 year old woman who is out of physical shape and inexperienced who decides to hike in Nepal with her friend.  Obviously, she made it.  Look at the photo on the cover.


A Kindle freebie that I am really enjoying!

I had a friend who did things like this.  He would work until he earned enough money to go live in India or Nepal for a year.  Then he would come back and do it all over again.  He had no aspirations for any sort of great career, but he had a massive passion for adventure.  He has settled down now and works doing something he loves.  He teaches folk music for flute and strings.  Quite a fellow.  I have always admired his life.  He did a few gigs with me back in the day.  Pleasant and lovely man.


Russell, the Renaissance Man

I have never had any great and glorious career aspirations either.  I take jobs as they come into my life.  I learned early on that nothing is permanent.  We all bend like reeds in the wind regardless of how strong we think we are in our convictions and determinations.  I have invented myself dozens of times, and I don’t think I am finished yet.

Dang!  My feet are itching again!  I’ll be in Vegas in less than a month – hopefully with an adventure day tossed into the mix.  Cannot wait!


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17 responses to “Dang Those Itchy Feet!

  1. You might read Ruthe who is heading to Japan to visit gardens. Then there’s Tugster…he’s oon vacation now, but his adventures are something else again.

  2. I have a case of itchy feet too – albeit for something a bit less urban. I want to go rock hunting again in the mountains. Maybe one of these you can come along!

  3. Rhonda

    Had lunch with Garland & Becky last week and Becky says she wants to spend time at the outlet mall….

  4. You get more out of most every day things that anyone else I know. I admire that!

  5. Joanie Benson

    I was getting ready to recommend a good foot cream but I guess that won’t be necessary. Looking forward to hearing about your Vegas adventures. Most people, when you ask how their Vegas trip was, they usually say whether they won or lost. You have way more interesting tales!

  6. My feet are itching too. Cant wait for our trip.

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