Saturday! Saturday!

Captain’s Log  4,558


What took you so long?

Saturday couldn’t come soon enough.    Yesterday was an exceptionally long day at the office starting with pre-dawn arrival at the museum for TV filming.  

Dinner out was a disappointment even though the Tom Kah soup arrived with FLAMES!

flaming soup

Holy shit!  My soup’s on fire!

It looked great but it was too salty to eat.  I had about a cup before I just gave up.  Not good to eat that much salt.

I just went home and hit the sack about 7:15.  I tried to read but fell asleep almost instantly.  Not much energy with just a few chips and cheese and a bit of too-salty soup in the tank for the day.  So I just surrendered and slept.   It is very easy for me to go to sleep hungry.  I woke up around 5:00 and had some rice pudding.  And then I started reading and doing kitchen chores.  Whirlwind stuff because I always wake up ready to rock and roll.  And there is nothing like a cup of good strong coffee before dawn.  Trust me.

Off to spend some quality time with Big Sister Mia.  Tomorrow?  Whacking weeds!


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7 responses to “Saturday! Saturday!

  1. Too bad the soup was so salty. Is it just my imagination, or has EVERYTHING grown extremely salty over time???

  2. Yes, too salty anything doesn’t work well.
    Himself’s cold is worsening, He stayed home and was a veggie all Saturday. I am better….Oh, hurrah.

  3. maryz

    Sounds like a fun weekend (except for the yard work part).

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