Butt Crack of Dawn

Captain’s Log  4,557

So I had to get up WAY before dawn today to be on a local news station that was doing a live telecast from the museum.  I got a call around 4:30 that the staff person who was there to let the film crew into the building was so sick he was vomiting in the trash cans and needed to leave.  So, I donned my superhero cape and boots and went flying down to work.

The guy who comes to do the show is very nice.  He has the energy of a million hummingbirds and leaps around from one thing to the next.  When he said he always wanted to be a truck driver (since he was a little boy), I burst out laughing.  I have an enormous laugh, and I only let go because I thought the camera was off.  It was not off.  The camera guy panned over and caught me throwing my hands in the air and leaping around on one foot with one of those laughing attacks you get during lectures or funerals.  You just cannot stop and tears run down your face.  Someone called in later and said it was the funniest thing they had seen on TV for a long, long time.  Because the laughing was so genuine and the host was reacting so well. 

ruben galvan

Cutie pie TV host and truck driver wannabe – hilarious moment for both of us

So that’s about it.  I am out of steam here.  I had done half a day before anyone else on staff even showed up for work.  Time to go home and kick it.  Think I will stop at the grocery store and buy some cereal.  I LOVE cereal!  Since my mother (bless her heart) was such a lousy cook (and she knew it), I was often given the option to have cereal instead of dinner.  I probably did that at least 4 times a week.   I think I need a cereal dispenser like they have in hotel breakfast bars.



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10 responses to “Butt Crack of Dawn

  1. That you were interviewed is awesome. The unbridled laughter is priceless and I can guarantee the interviewer enjoyed as much as you did 🙂

  2. Yes, please get the video and post it here. I wanna see you laugh.

  3. I wish I had seen it…I’m sure it was a classic.

  4. How cute is he? Let us know if you can find it to share it with us!

  5. Maryz

    Well, when are we going to see the video?

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