Morgue Mama Mia

Captain’s Log  4,555

It was a grand day at the bookstore with Big Sister Mia.  They have a huge sale every New Year’s day from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.  Everything was 25% off.  The place was packed!  Mia has been going to this store forever.  It had a different name and been housed in several locations.  She keeps following the store like a worker bee follows the queen.  Bless her heart.

She used the gift certificates that her precious little sister gave her for Christmas.  Quite a haul!  19 books and she came to within pennies of what the certificates were worth.  She has no idea why she even bought Morgue Mama, but it was too funny to pass up for a good photo.

morgue mama

And we wonder why she locks her doors and windows during the day!  Look at those titles!

Every time Mia comes across something more literature-ish, she tries a few chapters and then says, “Here.  I’m done with it.  It’s more your style.  You like shit like this.”  If a body isn’t discovered in a bathtub or a shallow grave by the second chapter, she has no use for it.  And do NOT bore her with descriptions of the weather or what the kitchen curtains might represent.  Do NOT add that kind of exposition!  She doesn’t care!  She wants to find dead bodies and truly heinous bad guys!

I should challenge her to a Les Miserables read-off.

I’m still reading Gypsy Boy.  It passed from quaint history and got rough —  and I am crying now.  What a horrendous way to bring up children.  His father beat him every single day to make him “tough.”   He is still only 6 years old in the book and suffering terribly.  I can see why he now lives in fear for his life.  

I will be reorganizing my library soon.  I have so many books that I have not yet read.  I want them organized so I can find them and make sense out of them.  Right now, they are helter-skelter all over my room.

Oooh!  Helter-Skelter was one of Mia’s favorite books!  

It’s back to the salt mines today.  Thank goodness for a short week.  The next holiday doesn’t come until the end of May.  Five months!  Ugh!  Some of my corporate friends get all sorts of holidays.  Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day……  10 paid federal holidays.  Not fair for us non-profit schleps.  Not fair at all.  I took the days before Christmas and New Year’s as vacation.  And I loved every minute of it.

So I am ready to tackle 2013.  It’s certainly going to be an interesting year.  


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17 responses to “Morgue Mama Mia

  1. Good for Mia AND you! Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift, and the perfect annual family tradition. Do you make a day of it, including lunch and just generally enjoying yourselves?

  2. Oh, please please please slip me the name of the bookstore. I have the date marked off already. Please recomend Box and Crais. Hard bloody stuff. I like both authors as they actually know how to write characters too.

  3. “Gypsy Boy” was one of the pre-publication books I received last year. I found it to be heartbreakingly excellent, although supposedly his story was exaggerated. (I always get the naysayers, don’t I?) I’m glad you enjoyed what I personally thought was a very well-written book. That gut-wrenching tale could have been in any community and it still would have S**KED. 😦

  4. maryz

    Ooooh, a J.A.Jance – is that a new one? You’ve sent me off to amazon.

  5. Somehow I got sidetracked and missed a couple of your blogs but it just makes me more joyful to read several at one time. Good for Mia and the sale…she knows how to work a book store gift card. Hope she enjoys all of them. I loved Helter Skelter too….I used to love Stephen King and all that gore…..haven’t been reading that type of literature as often of late…..And I’ve never read Anne Rice… the saying goes….SO MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME.

    • poolagirl

      Anne Rice used to be brilliant. Now, she’s just weird. Interview With a Vampire is stunning. Just stunning. I recommend.

  6. goatbarnwitch

    I finally got myself a kindle so I don’t fill the house with books. Of course certain books still need to be owned and cherished in their traditional format. I am really enjoying the kindle though

  7. bholles

    Yesterday was such fun and I will give you the Morgue Mama when I am done for your collection.

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