Enter 2013, Act One

Captain’s Log  4,554

How long did I make it last night?  Until just after 9:00!  I realized that the folks on the other coast had ushered in the new year, so they had me covered.  Truth be told, I fell asleep in an upright chair trying to watch Mike and Molly.  I am just not into TV anymore.   I did manage to make it through a film from the Red Box.  People Like Us was a weirdly crafted movie about a bad dad who died, leaving two families behind.  Naturally, the kids did not know any of this until some money in the will ($150,000) was earmarked for his grandson.  The boy was played by Michael Hall D’Addario.  He stole the film right out from under everyone else.  Naturally, the boy did not even know he had a grandfather.  Yadda.  Yadda.   


Cutie pie who stole the film

There are all sort of twisty little sub-plots that don’t do a damn thing to move the film along, and I found them distracting.  Shortly after the film ended, I was sound asleep in an upright chair.  That’s the way I ring in most New Year’s eves.  Asleep in a chair.

I am reading an amazing book.


Mikey Walsh is a handsome young man, but for more than a decade he’s known it would be too dangerous for him to have his photograph taken.  More than 15 years ago, he left one of Britain’s most private communities and has since told many of its secrets.  He’s still on the run.  Mikey’s not his real name.  It’s a character from The Goonies, the children’s film he watched over and over as a young boy.  But that’s the name he’s been known by for half of his life.

When he was 15, there was a bounty on his head because he had run away from his gypsy family.  As a gay teenager, he knew the next beating he got from his father might kill him.  The story of his escape from his violent upbringing, Gypsy Boy, ­became a number one bestseller.  Stephen Fry said he would never forget the book and Dermot O’Leary has compared him with Angela’s Ashes author Frank McCourt.

I have been fascinated with gypsies for a very long time.   I have idea why.  Maybe it’s a previous life experience kind of thing.  No real need to figure it out.  This is a great book – very readable and very humble.  

Big Sister Mia’s favorite bookstore is having its annual 25% off sale today – for only four hours.  She is thrilled (as usual).  They have already set aside her books and she is armed with her Christmas gift certificates (from her loving and devoted little sister).  It is always fun to see everyone so excited.  It’s also fun to be around people who read like fiends.  

John Waters said it best when talking about the importance of books.

don't fuck them

Simple advice that should be heeded at all costs

On that note, I wish you all a glorious and prosperous NEW YEAR!



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16 responses to “Enter 2013, Act One

  1. Absolutely love that Waters quote. Darn, I didn’t know about the sale.

  2. Your NYE was right on par with mine. The neighborhood here is typically VERY quiet, but last night they were shooting off fireworks (and probably a few guns, truth be told) from the moment it was dark. I was afraid it would keep me awake – not a good thing when I knew I needed to get up this morning regular time for work!

    Didn’t turn out to be the case. I was out cold before 9, never noticed a thing afterward.

  3. I have known repairman who make judgments about the homes they visit, based on whether or not there are books on the shelves. I have never lived in a house without books — even now.

  4. Poolie, like you, I can’t imagine my life without books! John Waters is right! 📚

  5. bholles

    I am so excited for today.

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