Ringing Out 2012

Captain’s Log   4,553

It’s the end of the year and I decided to celebrate by posting random statements made here in this journal during 2012.  I went into the archives.  Grabbed a random day and a random statement.

Here are the results.

From January 2012

Finding a little baby in your meal and then spitting him out in your hand is truly awful when taken literally…..especially when he is covered in chocolate spittle goo.

From February 2102

Mia asked me why my boobs were hitting the table top.  The answer is simple.  I am extremely short-waisted and I have a totally flat ass.  When Mia and I sit across from each other, we are the same height.  Until we stand up.  Then I am six inches taller!

From March 2012

Let’s just say it hasn’t been a good morning since I woke up in screaming agony on the precipice of Pukeland about 4:00.

From April 2012

The woman scoffed and told Mia that her good deeds were not even worth as much as filthy rags.  It says so in the Bible.  Yes it does. 

From May 2012

I’m a bit battle weary for a myriad of reasons (none that I will bore you all with at this time).  I am the architect of my own happiness.  Time to unroll the new blueprints.

From June 2012

When left to my own devices, I sing opera when doing chores around the house or driving the car.  “Who gave you a license, you stupid baaaassssstarrrd?”

From July 2012

I really look forward to the day when I can just go about my own business and not have to dance around other people’s agendas.  Maybe I too will learn to play the toy piano and hit the road on a concert tour.

From August 2012

Here’s a picture of us after I showed them my bee hole.

From September 2012

Obviously, the people who come here are readers.  Many are also writers.  It’s hard to be a writer if you don’t read.  That’s like trying to be a good cook if you don’t eat.  It’s impossible.  You must live what you know and be what you live. Feel free to quote me on that.

From October 2012

Steam is rising off the grass as the sun heats the dew.  It’s so green and calm – I almost expected a gnome to peek out and scare me.

From November 2012

Sometimes, I just need to go home and collapse.   Or roller skate.

From December 2012

I have worn skirts and dresses since that awful day, but not very often.  I worry so much about catastrophes that it just isn’t worth it.  I can’t handle the pressure.

 So that’s about it.  The year has been amazing in many ways.  Lots of challenging “learning opportunities to find Zen.”  Also lots of fun and empowering moments.  I traveled, bought a house, joined a book club, reconnected with the theatre community, produced a ground-breaking exhibit at the museum, bought trees, learned about landscaping, and made some serious choices about my future and the happiness it holds for me as an artist.  So that’s about it.  Looking forward to 2013!

Have a blessed and joyous New Year.  Thanks so much for the time you spend here reading and commenting.  Special thanks to everyone who played along with the Fifty Shades contest.  What a grand laugh we all had over that!

 happy 2013


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14 responses to “Ringing Out 2012

  1. Yes, kapop, we did that with apple stuff. thank you……………wheee…..

    Now what the heck happened in March? Yuck!

  2. Edie

    Happy New Year Poolie…May the year 2013 bring you all good things…

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Happy New Year! Onward into uncharted territory

  4. What was that about boobs…?

  5. Joanie Bensoni

    Quite a few profound thoughts over the past year! I especially liked February’s but I hope that wasn’t on your birthday! Happy 2013.

  6. Jean


  7. maryz

    And we do appreciate seeing your “bee hole”.
    We’re sending our babies back to you today. It was good having them east of the Mississippi for a little while.

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