Flashy Flashy

Captain’s Log  4,550

So the Holiday Bowl is over.  Thank goodness.  Running downtown to “check on” the display at the convention center is over too.  Thank goodness.  I just want another 4-day weekend.  I don’t really care about all this other stuff.

The lowriders are…simply amazing.  Gotta say it.  


My gosh, that’s PINK!

Flashy flashy flashy was the order of the day.  

Another day of meetings and then I’m off to happy hour with our grantwriter.  Nothing like a little Friday cheer to get the weekend rolling.  I am SUCH a happy hour hound!  I can’t even remember the last time I went.  I have as much fun going home and reading magazines, but being social is good for me.  I will probably have a beer and some artichoke dip and call it a night.

Speaking of artichokes….here is a great line from California Suite.  Ready?  I can’t wait to hear this one come up every night.  You did everything but lick his artichoke.  Hilarious!  I’ve never quite heard it put that way before.  When we were doing the read through, the actor who has to deliver that line was on the floor laughing.  Good stuff, Mr. Simon!

It’s cold here in San Diego.  The car windows were iced up this morning.  People were actually scraping them!  How fun is that?  I go in later so the sun can work its magic.  No scraping needed.  A few years ago, the water in the birdbath froze.  That was amazing too.  I pulled out the wheel of ice and took photos.  It doesn’t take much to amuse me.

That is so true.  I can be amused by the pattern of a plaid skirt.  I am that simple-minded.  Scary.


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12 responses to “Flashy Flashy

  1. “I can be amused by the pattern of a plaid skirt. I am that simple-minded.”

  2. You’re confusing simple-minded with a rich appreciation of details. You have an eye – and an ear – for finding the extraordinary amid the mundane. It’s what makes you an artist.

  3. “I can be amused by the pattern of a plaid skirt. I am that simple-minded.”
    Good stuff, Ms. Poolie!

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    Thought of you last night while watching the Holiday Bowl firewords from my west windows here in La Mesa. Beautiful! Hope you enjoyed them, too!

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