The Big Bowl – Ugh

Captain’s Log     4,549

It’s Holiday Bowl day in San Diego.  Groan.  I know a lot of people like it, but it impacts my life and makes me crabby.  I have to go to the Convention Center for a good part of the day, and the huge balloon parade makes getting there a nightmare.  I tried to get down there and park last year and it was a disaster.  My business manager will drive me down today and come get me when it’s over.  All for the sake of automotive journalism.  It is not unusual to wait 6-7 times through a light change just to cross an intersection.

holiday bowl

Now THOSE are balloon animals!  Take that, birthday party clowns!

I live just up the hill from the stadium where the bowl game is being played tonight.


Imagine all those people in cars.

Gads!  I have lived in this neighborhood for more than four years now, so I know the tricks about getting around on side streets.

Heinous the Wee Clown also turns four today.  The little jester has traveled thousands of miles since he became my “son.”  If I can manage, he will also go to Amsterdam in May.

heinous Tree

Heinous looks mystical next to his very own Christmas tree.

Off to battle traffic.  Another four-day weekend is right on the horizon.  I can see it from here!


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16 responses to “The Big Bowl – Ugh

  1. Glad to see you made it home ok dispite everything.

    G registered too late and doesn’t get to volunteer. He’s going down to look anyway. I’ll stay home and be a veggie….a state I am good at maintaining right now.

  2. Happy birthday to Heinous! He will so love Amsterdam if he can go. I can only imagine the fuss he’ll cause though – he may be the only thing more colorful than the red light district.

  3. Joanie Bensoni

    Happy birthday to einous with an “H”

  4. Happy Birthday to Haynuss…..he should have some red lights on that tree if he goes to Amsterdam!

  5. Yes, I used to work all those games. Speaking of insanity. G will be working the Convention Center tomorrow….he’s looking forward to it. 🙂

  6. maryz

    Our daughter, Jean, lives near the stadium where the TN Titans play, and works on the other side of it. She works on Sunday nights. She’s never been a sports fan, but you can bet she REALLY hates the Titans.

  7. Happy Birthday to the silly clown

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