Gifts From the Heart

Captain’s Log   4,548

It was a great Christmas.  Super, in fact!  Lots of fun.  Seeing a few films.  Spending time with family and friends.  Still coasting on the joy of the white elephant party.

Les Miserables is…..absolutely stunning.  There are no other words to describe it.  Just none.  Forget that Russell Crowe looks a bit like Captain Crunch and that he really cannot sing.  Just forget that stuff.  I mean he REALLY cannot sing.  I’m not sure if that was supposed to add to his character or not.  I found it distracting.  Every time the camera came close to his face I thought……Oh God, no.  Not him singing again.  Anne Hathaway Hathaway was……completely amazing.  Her song pulled my heart right out of my chest and jumped on it with steel-toed boots.  She was THAT good.  I know some critics are saying she looks like a plucked chicken.  Well, that might be true – but she is a plucked chicken with verve and talent.

Big Sister Mia and I saw The Guilt Trip too.  Cute.  Barbra Streisand has still got the snap.  Her plastic surgery looks good too.  There is a scene where she eats a 50-ounce steak at one of those obnoxious Texas restaurants that gives you a free t-shirt if you can do it.  I actually liked that part of the film for some reason.  Guess it would be funnier than eating 50 ounces of tofu.

People have wondered if I got the toaster oven from Mia.  I did!

Cuisinart-TOB-40-Image2Mother of all toaster ovens.  This does everything.  I think I can even plug in my iPhone and play Pandora radio on this thing.

Roomie got me something very nice things too.  She got me a docking station for my iPhone (so I can REALLY play Pandora radio and hear it through speakers).  

phillips ipod dockWahoo!  I cannot wait to set this up in my writing space!

And I guess she also thought I am turning into a gourmet.  I might.  It could happen.  How about a bread machine!  You can watch the bread baking through the glass window AND you can set a timer so the bread will be freshly-baked when you get home!  I never thought of that before.  So of course now I want to do just that.


I thought maybe you could make cinnamon rolls in this thing but it only makes the dough.  You still have to bake the rolls in the oven.  Dang!  Coming home to freshly-made cinnamon rolls would be…like…perfection.

Big Sister Mia and I are also avid fans of Words With Friends.  I tried desperately to get her something with the logo on it.  She beat me to the punch.

words hoodie


I bought Mia a Blue Bunny ice cream clock.  Got myself one too.  One can’t have too many Blue Bunny clocks.

bunny clock

Time for ice cream!

Back to the salt mines for a few days.  BAH! 


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20 responses to “Gifts From the Heart

  1. jane

    I’m a big fan of homemade bread from my machine! Makes great pizza dough too! Homemade pizza just can’t compare, all the veggies you like and no meat required!!
    I gave my daughter the words with friends board game, imagine that, playing it face to face instead of on the iphone!!
    You sound happy! That IS good!!

  2. Two words for a bread machine: bread mix. You can buy them at the store and they truly don’t require any thought to turn out fabulous. Dump them in with whatever liquid they ask for, turn on the machine and walk away. It’s ridiculously simple and yes, they still taste homemade.

    What a nice holiday collection you scored! I’m so glad for you 🙂

  3. Capt. Martha Stewart? or 50 Shades of Burned Bread! LOL

  4. I use my breadmaker a lot. If you’d like some recipes I’d be happy to share – Ive been through the hell that is ‘bread like lead’ and have come out the other side into fluffy light crusty gorgeousness! Merry Christmas! s x

  5. I know…a bread party. Have your guests bring the goodies to go on the bread. 🙂

  6. maryz

    Sounds like a great Christmas in SD! Send me a challenge in Words with Friends. I play, too. We’ll be seeing our SD granddaughter and spouse this weekend.

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