Canned Chicken in My Bomb Shelter

Captain’s Log  4,546

I was feeling quite not myself yesterday.  Might have been a tummy bug.  I went to George and Mage’s open house and came right home and went to bed.  I had two other things I needed to do but neither one of them happened.  I felt like I had eaten too many green apples off the tree.  Nagging gut ache that found no relief until I fell asleep.  Roomie graciously went out and got me some real Mexican Coke.  I drank a bottle and listened to all sorts of squeaking and rumbling going on in there.  It was quite a symphony.  

I feel much better this morning.  Whatever it was is gone now.  Sometimes, all a body needs is good rest.

The yearly white elephant gift exchange happens tonight.  I am thrilled to be bringing my spotted dick.  But, if I had not found that, this lovely food item would have also worked well.

canned chicken

Probably a good thing to include if you plan to spend 4 months in a bomb shelter and you like chicken

I have a bomb shelter under my garage.  Photos will be forthcoming.  The shelter is not easy reached right now.  But soon.  I have been down there a few times and I cannot conceive of how people could live in it.  My first concern would be waste.  What on earth do you do with four months of poop and pee generated by an average family?  Since water would be used only for drinking, what about things like….chicken slime on the inside of this can?  I don’t think people who developed bomb shelters did very good market testing.

I suppose it would have been hard to find focus group participants for a bomb shelter project.  It’s not going to a research facility and eating taco shells.  A bit more involved.

Doing laundry and working on the re-write of California Suite until it’s time to fetch Mia for the party.  We always bring two Costco pizzas as our contribution to the potluck.  Last year, someone brought what I thought were brownies.  I took one and bit into it….only to discover it was gingerbread.  I DESPISE gingerbread.  GAG!  I don’t like ginger ale or ginger snaps.  GAG!  I will be more mindful this year.  I will watch people eat dubious food and gauge their responses before I decide to try it.


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24 responses to “Canned Chicken in My Bomb Shelter

  1. jo

    there are so many joan’s, joaniee’s etc! Bomb shelters were never practical and it shows our lack of knowledge about the true effects of a nuclear attack-

  2. maryz

    Glad you’re feeling better. Interesting about your bomb shelter. When was it built? Give lots of info when you post pictures.

  3. I am not vegan; however, chicken in a can does not constitute food.
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better!!!

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    Oh dear! I LOVE ginger…in all forms from a good stiff Pimm’s cup to gingerread to lozenges for nausea. I hate to tell you but the best thing for a gumpy tummy is a friesh ginger tisane: grate or thinly slice fresh ginger, add boiling water and steep. It helps IMMEDIATELY and is the world’s best seasick remedy. I always keep a “knuckle” of fresh ginger in the freezer in case of need for illness…or Thai and INdian food! I will remember not to invite you for those! But count me OUT on the canned chicken, too!

  5. Probably food porn overload from the previous blog left your tummy rumbling….or the beans in the salad…..

  6. Joanie Benson

    Glad you’re feeling better. By the way, I think I might starve before I could eat that slimy chicken in a can item. But thanks for the suggestion.

  7. If there are no giblets, the soup is weak, and you can’t make gravy. I guess they just didn’t think. 8)

  8. Glad you are feeling better. See you this afternoon for our annual fun party.

  9. I should have sent my Chili! It cleans you out immediately and the you need a good nap!

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