Promised Land Holds Promise

Captain’s Log  4,544

I went to see Promised Land last night – sneak preview.  We had sent out the invitation to all the museum volunteers too, so there were about eight of us there.  Volunteers and staff.  It was a nice group.  It was pretty darn cold standing out there in line.  You must understand that is all relative.  Cold here is not the same as cold anywhere else.  It was about 40 degrees near the ocean.  That is a completely different kind of cold than what I grew up with in the Midwest.  Trust me, I would choose this cold ANY DAY over sub-zero temperatures, but it was uncomfortable standing in line.  Fortunately, they let us in early.

Matt Damon is wonderful as the hotshot wonderkid who works for the natural gas company – getting people to sign leases so fracking can be done on their land.  Interesting morality with the whole thing.   When does human decency trump profits?  Everyone has a selling out point.  Each and every one of us.

Damon is very very good, but Hal Holbrook steals the movie right out from under him.  Holbrook plays a retired engineer who challenges the claims that fracking is safe and good for the community.  He has such a FACE!


Those eyes!  Oh, my God!

Frances McDormand is also brilliant as Damon’s work partner.  She is also out there thumping people to sign leases.  She plays the role with a hard edge, and since Damon’s character cannot handle a manual transmission, she does all the driving.  Funny bit.  Especially for the car museum guys.

frances McDormand

Just sign on the dotted line and you will be a millionaire!  Sorry about your water starting on fire or putting your life and the lives of your children at risk.  Nothing is perfect, eh?

The movie brought how just how entitled big corporations really are in this country.  They wield WAY too much power over the little guy.  They have very little regard for people.  I know this from personal experience.  I am a really BAD fit for corporate America.  The biggest drawback for me is that I do not view people as assets or liabilities.  I view them as people.  Any time people are viewed as anything other than people…..look what happens.  Read your history.  Weep over the millions of lives lost when the dignity of personhood was taken away.   

Take that son-of-a-bitch from Papa John’s.  PLEASE take him!  He cannot sacrifice less than 10 cents per pizza to pay for healthcare?  What an asshat!   I ranted about this on Facebook and actually encountered people who felt sorry for him.  I was….gobsmacked!  Now, let’s take Ben & Jerry’s.  They have ALWAYS considered their employees PEOPLE and have treated them fairly.  So does the guy who runs Costco.  My whole point is that you CAN be a success and still treat people well.  Turning yourself into a money-grubbing tyrant is a choice.

Okay….off the soapbox.  I have to make an appearance at the museum today and act like everything is sensational.  I just want Christmas.  I really want Christmas.



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8 responses to “Promised Land Holds Promise

  1. Wal Mart is another business that treats employees like chattel. It breaks federal labor laws by retaliating against employees who complain about or report violations. We as a nation have gone backward from the days when unions won worker rights, to a point in which unions are effectively outlawed by the government and employers are given carte blanche to do whatever the hell they want

  2. Too bad so many politicians also can’t work for the people any more. And the good ones leave because they are so frustrated. The more I learn about most of the powerful, the less I like them.

  3. In the early 1950’s there was a daytime serial called “The Brighter Day.” It came on about the time I got home from junior high school every day. It starred a very young Hal Holbrook. Yes, I was a fan.

    When I began high school, I could no longer watch every day. Grayling had just gotten engaged. For a whole year I didn’t see the show and, somehow, I didn’t even miss it. I was visiting my aunt in New Jersey and her friend said, “I’ll be with you in a minute, I have to watch this today.”

    What she had to watch was Grayling’s wedding, that event that was supposed to take place a year ago. Mostly after that, I didn’t pay as much attention to soap operas. 8)

  4. maryz

    Papa John’s is no longer an option for pizza in our house. Just like Domino ‘s (that owner gives lots of money to anti-abortion groups).

    We’ve been HUGE fans of Hal Holbrook since he was doing the one-man show about Mark Twain. I think we saw him in performance three times. Amazing! And he had the good sense to be married to the delightful Dixie Carter until her death a few years ago. Did you see the NCIS where he played the bad guy? Great – playing against type.

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