Re-Writing the Work of a Genius

Captain’s Log     4,542

Needless to say, it is disturbing when you have to tell a professional adult that his behaviour and that of his companions is rude and thoughtless.  Especially when this person holds you in lower regard and basically thinks you are a mindless idiot.  Such was the case yesterday when I found myself scolding someone.  I think I came across a bit like a nun.  That is okay.  If I came across as Rosalind Russell in the Trouble With Angels, I am fine with it.  

rosalind russell

Reverend Mother Nun

I went from that awful experience to a truly delightful meeting with the theatre company that has “hired” me to direct Neil Simon’s California Suite.  What a dazzling bunch of witty and engaging people!  Just what I need right now to keep my heart and soul going.  We lost a male cast member (needs to relocate to the Northwest).  That left us with a serious dearth of men for the final scene.  The solution that was presented was to re-write the final scene – replacing the two married couples with female cousins (2 sets of sisters).  I think the audience will be more than pleased to see an enormous girl fight at the very end of the play – slinging and flinging each other about the set with tennis rackets raised on high.  People always seem to like girl fights.  Especially men, for some reason.  I draw the line at mud wrestling in my show, however.  Just a lot of pushing and swinging of tennis rackets.  And raised voices.  I might add some hair pulling if it doesn’t come across as too pedestrian.

One of the cast members is finishing up her doctorate in theatre arts.  Oh my!  She has agreed to play the lifeless hooker in the second scene and one of the fighting cousins in the last scene.  Grand.  She has also agreed to be the fight choreographer.  I am far too clumsy to choreograph a fight.  I would probably end up with my own broken nose.

So I will set about this weekend to tackle the re-write of that final scene.  I am SO EXCITED to be working on a script again!  My heart lies in such things.  I only hope I can do Mr. Simon justice.




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20 responses to “Re-Writing the Work of a Genius

  1. This is SSO much fun. 🙂

  2. Edie

    I meant getting to do something that you love to do…it’s late here in the East and I’m not thinking straight…

  3. Edie

    So glad you are getting something that you love to do…

  4. goatbarnwitch

    What a fantastic thing to work on while you wait for May to come around. I am sure you will do wonderful things adapting the final scene. Have a blast working on it 🙂

  5. Patty O'Reilly

    I think you are AMAZING! Have a wonderful time.

  6. I’m sure your creativeness will be in full force this weekend….

  7. Penny Tushingham

    2013 will be the year of Poola!

  8. Me too – glad you have something creative and fabulous!! xx

  9. jo

    perhaps, maybe, you can transition into this kind of work for


  10. bholles

    So happy you are back doing some theatre work.

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