Nutcracker Dreams

Captain’s Log  4,540

I was the lucky invitee to see The Nutcracker yesterday.  The museum gives away about 2,000 guest passes to various charities and non-profit organizations during the year, and every now and then, somebody is nice and gives us a gift in return.  Two free tickets to see the San Diego Ballet perform this timeless piece.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love this show.  But I think Mr. Tchaikovsky was doing some major mind-altering substances when he got involved.  Looking at it from a purely storytelling perspective, it’s a truly weird piece.  Little girl falls in love with her Christmas nutcracker doll, falls asleep in a mouse-infested living room, and “wakes up” to discover that he beloved nutcracker is alive and wearing tights.  They dance around for awhile and then sit on thrones while dancers from other countries entertain them.  The end.  Zero resolution.  None.  Does she go back?  Does she wake up?

There is a tremendous amount of bowing and running about in toe shoes.  And, I don’t want to be a Scrooge, but those snowflakes just dance and dance and dance.  WAY too long.  When you think it cannot possibly snow anymore, they come around and dance and dance some more.  As a theatre director, I would have cut out well over half of that snowflake dance.  Guess folks back in the day were not aware of short attention spans.  Four minutes is the max.  Not twelve.  Or did they used to be longer?  Can we blame the internet for this too?

There was a little girl from Australia sitting behind me.  Every time the orchestra played a part familiar to her, she would sing LA LA LA with the music.  Adorable!  Her mother tried desperately to shush her, but I turned around and told her it was fine.

This is Clara and the nutcracker prince guy from last year’s cast.

So now that a bit of holiday cheer has kicked in, I am heading off to work.  LOL!  We have our annual staff holiday dinner tonight at a small Italian restaurant near the park.  I am giving everyone a $50 gift card from Trader Joe’s.  It’s the least the museum can do.  

And the garage roof is leaking.  Chris the Roof Guy is coming today around 3:30 to see what needs to be done.  Why does stuff like this happen the minute you buy the house?  LOL!  Two weeks ago it was the plumbing fiasco.  And now this.  Oh well.  I consider myself fortunate.


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8 responses to “Nutcracker Dreams

  1. I love Tchaikovsky’s music, but the story line definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe that’s why some of the dancers’ costumes leave little to the imagination, lol.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    Well, they may have not made much sense in the story line but at least it was a nice way to present men in tights

  3. Daniel

    Jennifer and I were there too! The best part was just seeing all the little girls sitting in the audience showing off their fancy dresses. Truly adorable! On the down side, seeing all those kids reminded me of Newtown. If this tragic event doesn’t effect change in our gun laws, nothing will. I have one question for the NRA: Does ANYONE really need an A-K 47 automatic assault weapon that holds 20 rounds of ammo to hunt deer?

  4. Keep in mind, Tchaikowski only wrote the music; the story is by someone named Hoffmann, with whose work I am not at all familiar. I just love the music; some of the best visuals are in Disney’s “Fantasia.”

    I do think that cutaway jacket was just the wrong costume. I kept thinking of an old cartoon of a girl in a bikini, and a couple of old women commenting, “what they don’t show, they point to.”

    • poolagirl

      I see your point. Well, maybe that was the wrong way to say that. LOL! And yes, I know he only wrote the music. Wonder what he thought when the story was presented to him. I would have cringed!

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