I Have No Words

Captain’s Log  4,538

sandy hook



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7 responses to “I Have No Words

  1. Linda aka Swabby

    My daughter is an elementary school principal in Portland, Oregon. She is devestated by this tragedy as we all are. I pray this never happens to anymore children or their teachers. I wish they would come up with a solution for these senseless acts of violence. On Tuesday the Mall shooting took place in the town my daughter’s school is located. Now this. When children are not safe in their schools, how can anyone feel safe anywhere?
    They keep saying gun control is not the answer. If not, then what is?

  2. farm girl

    no. there are no words.

  3. I know…I don’t have any either. It makes me so upset that the politicians will continue to stomp their feet and refuse to compromise on anything and then we have this horrific act of violence too. Maybe the world truly IS coming to an end right before our eyes.

  4. Everyone failed here. The shooter was clearly mentally unstable. The school offered no security, no protection for children or staff. It’s the definition of tragedy.

  5. Radio coverage began before 10 a.m., and I’ve heard nothing else all day. Connecticut is such a tiny state that everything is “right next door.” The more I hear, the less I know. The experienced professional law enforcers and first responders are overcome with terrible sights they have never seen before.

    How can we fix the problems when we can’t begin to fathom the cause?

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