Clean and 99.99% Sober

Captain’s Log    4,537

Why do people assume I smoke pot and/or do other drugs?  I don’t.  Period.  End.  I am not going to Amsterdam for the wacky weed and heroin (with free needles), I am going to spend time with great friends and soak up the flowers and the culture.  But so many people wink and poke me in the ribs and say, “Smoke one for me.”  

What does that say?  Are all of those rib pokers pot heads?  Or are they just being cute?  Here is a list of reasons why I don’t use drugs (except Advil every now and then for a headache and a beer about once a month).

I don’t want to

I have a very high-profile job that would be compromised in a heartbeat

I don’t want to

I am very happy creating my own diversions

I don’t want to

I like being on the top of my game at all times

I don’t want to

That’s about it.  There are probably a few more reasons but it’s time to sweep the patio again.  It rained very hard and created quite a swimming pool out there.  Sweeping water into Febreze Lady’s yard gives me great pleasure.  The water goes under the fence and into her flower bed.  Raining this hard, she has no idea how much water is “hers” and how much is “mine.”  Just as long as she doesn’t start a war with me.

Christmas is just 12 days away!  EEEK!  I hung a doo-dad on the door yesterday.  That will probably be the extent of the decorating this year.  Maybe next year I will buy one of those mechanical reindeer made out of Christmas lights!  



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14 responses to “Clean and 99.99% Sober

  1. Joanie Benson

    Why do they assume? Don’t forget you DO have a good friend who is a wee clown and has his own blog. Not that that proves anything. Not to mention that you’ve been seen several times around town with a licorice bucket on your head. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. You know, it’s interesting. smallish (thirty units or so) apartment building. I was, to the best of my knowledge, the only one in the building besides the managers (an older couple, and no guarantees there) who didn’t puff away. I’m not talking tobacco, either.

    It’s become downright mainstream, and is nowadays more acceptable than tobacco smoking. No, you don’t and I don’t, and I’m guessing the better part of our online friends don’t. But even in our generation, we’re the exceptions to the rule.

    What’s interesting is that it never once occurred to me that you might be a toker. Just never crossed my mind. You’re too intelligent, too frank, and not enough of a “joiner” to partake.

    • *Sigh* I deleted a line in the above comment before publishing – and the published part left in what I deleted and took out the part that made the initial sentence complete.

      It was supposed to say, “When my kids were babies, we lived in a smallish (thirty units or so) apartment building”. And in the preview mode, before I posted, that’s what it said. I double-checked because it’s happened before.

      I’m grumbling at the comments software about now…

  3. Silly me. I thought you wanted to see the Anne Frank “Secret Annex.”

  4. Nothing illicit with you at all, I believe this. Do travel on the ferries and if you can stop in Rotterdam to see the SS Rotterdam. She’s been sold. We will put on something warm and come eat on you on Friday. Oh Goodie.

  5. It never occurred to me that you were traveling for illicit purposes. It’s not something I would do, neither travel for illicit purposes nor assume that you do.

    People ask dumb questions because they don’t know enough about the subject to ask intelligent ones. They’re the same people who called my daughter “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” because they didn’t know any other Rebecca.

  6. I wonder what your mind would do if it WAS on drugs? I can’t even imagine! Febreze lady is probably high because of all the Febreze she inhaled every day when she tried to get rid of the smoke…..oh wait, Smoke? Maybe she thinks you are on drugs and smoke ’em if you got ’em!

  7. Patty O'Reilly

    1. Good for you.
    2. You must tell us about the Febreeze Lady
    3. Good for you.

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