Voice to Text

I am going to try and experiment here. It’s already working. This entire entry will be voice to text on the phone.

Already then. Let us begin the beginning. That almost sounds philosophical.

I am the decided to talk about the grease marks. Goodies smocks comes but once a year. Whether we are ready for grease marks or not. My grease marks two weeks ago cost me 500 goddamn dollars. I am hoping for better breeze options now.

I happen to think this is he Lirios. Not so sure how you feel. There is always time 14 maties.

Oh my Métis. I am trying to talk about sailing friends and the phone insists that this is an Indian tribe. Fucking iPhone. Mickey’s I think they’re from Canada.

I’ve never had oolites so much for the time as I am right this me know what day. I wonder if this is how things translate into shall we say no RVG home. That would be Norwegian. Holy full key.

I sure do mop this ends soon. This odd obsession with Voizard Ledex. Voice to text. I cannot speak clearly enough to make this work Brookberry.

Call begged okay. I am quite comfortably. Swing this idea around your head like a chicken.


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24 responses to “Voice to Text

  1. Way behind grease marks into Mid-Century Modern/

  2. Deb

    “Swing this idea around your head like a chicken.”
    Words to live by!

  3. Patty O'Reilly

    No wonder I didn’t know what you were talking about this evening; I hadn’t seen this yet! Now I am laughing so hard my oolites are all out of whack and I need to go pour myself a big goodies smock and go to bed.

  4. farm girl


  5. Oh do those spam comments are from YOU!!!

    This is absolutely hysterical. You can almost understand things in some parts until it dissolves into pure gobbletygook, but what a work of art.

  6. “I’ve never had oolites so much for the time as I am right this me know what day”. Ooh, I know. I get that too. xx

  7. Reminds me of trying to translate a language I don’t know — or the English of someone who can’t write English. Goodie smocks to you.

  8. goatbarnwitch

    made me laugh but what the heck were you saying that became “Swing this idea around your head like a chicken.”

  9. PERFECT! It’s exactly how I imagine you talk in real life.

  10. Ter

    It’s like Mad Libs!

  11. Maryz

    You’re very strange, sir!

  12. I think I know how those spammers compose their emails now 🙂

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