Cookie Party 101 and Santa – Survival Guide

Captain’s Log    4,533

We survived.  The numbers were WAY down.  Last year, we had almost 12,000 people over two nights.  This year, it was more like 8,000.  We DID make some good coin with our Santa, however.  Something around $550.  That paid for the Santa suit (which we bought for slightly more than renting because the costume shop is going out of business) and the food we served to volunteers and staff for two nights.  The highlight of the night was buying three bags of kettle corn (which I planned to give away to friends).  Some kid stole a bag from the customer area where we made people leave food and drinks.  So, I gave the family one of the bags I bought.  Then, when I went to leave and take the remaining two bags home with me, one of the staff had opened a bag and had divided it up for everyone, making people a tidy little treat with Ziploc bags.  I was down to one bag.  So… essence, I spent $18 for a bag of kettle corn.  I went to the kettle corn place to get another one, and the line was about 40 people long.  No thanks.  I went home with my $18 kettle corn that I plan to give to Big Sister Mia this morning.  

Message from the Universe……..


Santa was amazing.  We took this shot before the doors opened and he was all pooped out from waving and being nice to people all night.  We had a steady stream of customers for Santa.  At $2 a picture, he was a very busy man!

poolie santa

Santa and me in a 1909 International Harvester “truck.”  It’s the oldest vehicle in the museum AND the only one that can withstand people climbing in and out of it all night long.  They don’t make them the way they used to.  I wasn’t smiling like that by the end of the night.  Every bone in my body was hurting from running around on the cement floors all night.

Earlier in the day, I went to a cookie exchange party – my first ever.  I was quite nervous about doing that because people often ridicule my cooking and/or baking skills.  I don’t like to be precise with anything in my life, and the results are sometimes….obvious.  The party was held at the home of a master baker, so I was anxious.  I felt as nervous as a non-musician might feel when asked to play the piano for a master composer.

The angst was dissolved quickly.  Once I got to the party, I realized that everyone had made cookies about on par with mine.  What a relief!  We played games and had a great time!  I won two bingo prizes!  Unfortunately, I had to pass on the amazing champagne punch because I had to work.  Maybe next time.


Altar set for the cookie gods.  Mine were the red velvet crinkles on the left side of the frame on the pink plate.  Turned out better than I imagined.

Off to see Big Sister Mia for breakfast and then it’s work day at the medical offices.   No rest for the wicked.  


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12 responses to “Cookie Party 101 and Santa – Survival Guide

  1. I’m so glad you survived. I will gladly pay you for one of the bags. Mortified is a good word to use for me your non bag watcher who is hiding her head.

  2. On my son’s FB page — which I believe is not available to everyone — is a picture of the Hanukkah cookies he and the little girls made. His wife is traveling on business this week, and her friends are asking, “how long did you have to train him?” Even I didn’t have to train him; he came that way. 😉

  3. Your Santa and your Cookie Party: awesome! Getting your kettle corn filched: I’m sorry, that’s not the Universe speaking, it’s a kid whose karma’s going to kick his butt before long.

  4. Penny Tushingham

    Your way too cheap for the cost of the Santa picture! You could have made more which would have justified your $18 kennel corn! Hope it was good!

  5. Joanie Benson


  6. Patty O'Reilly

    LOVE your photo with Santa!

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