Santa’s Pants Fell Off

Captain’s Log   4,532

The big holiday festival is over for one day.  One down, one to go.  The crowd was light.  Only 3,500 or so.  Last year, we had about 4,000 the first night and 6,500 the second night.  We shall see what tonight brings.  They added $20 to park in several large lots that used to be free, so that might have had an impact on the numbers.  $20 to park and wander around with 60,000 people.

The funniest thing about last night was getting Santa dressed.  He is a very small fellow and the padding gave him great amounts of trouble.  He couldn’t bend over to tie his own shoes, etc.  It was HILARIOUS!

He couldn’t keep his pants up either.  I tried to fashion some sort of “harness” with a belt and a pin, but the moment he started walked out the door, his pants slid all the way to the floor.  I laughed so hard I almost wheezed to death!  So did he!

rory as santa

So many things we learned about putting a small guy into an enormous red suit

We also have to get him a straw because he cannot drink around that big acrylic moustache.  Hilarious!

There was another Santa across the street.  Totally lame.  No only did he look ridiculous with his black eyebrows, if you look closely, you can see that his pants are too short and his hairy knees stick out.  NOBODY should have to deal with a hairy-kneed Santa.  Nobody! Our Santa’s pants may have fallen off, but at least they were long enough!

Lame Santa

Lame Santa


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8 responses to “Santa’s Pants Fell Off

  1. I don’t know whether to cheer or boo the parking fee. I’ve been part of a family where the fee meant staying home because we couldn’t afford anything else. On the other hand, if it makes your life easier…

  2. With apologies to Barbra Steisand….

    Santa, your pants are too long…
    Red pants are draggin, slowly falling down the street
    Yes, I’m talking ~ but you’re walking without any feet
    You’re not finding any feet at all ~
    With what’s too long ’cause you’re not too tall
    But Santa, Santa, you promised that both ends would meet
    You made the coat pass the test and fit the best
    You made the beard and hat nice and long
    But santa, you got the pants all wrong.
    You made the white fur look so swell
    Who am I to say that you’re wrong?
    But Santa, you got the pants too long
    You got the belt, and got suspenders
    So how can you lose?
    But what good are belts, what good suspenders
    With red pants hanging over your shoes?
    You feel the winter breeze up and down the knees
    The belt is where the toy bag belongs
    ’cause Santa, Santa, SANTA…
    You got those red pants too long
    You know what I mean, Santa?

  3. It’s like my husband wearing a tuck (that’s what he called it ’cause there’s only one…) At our son’s wedding, for whatever reason — maybe he refused the suspenders — there is a huge crowd video in which, if one looks, one can see husband’s trousers falling and his bright blue shorts, immediately rectified by the nurse who was his companion that evening. 8)

  4. Joanie Benson

    I can’t imagine any kid wanting to sit on Lame Santa’s lap. Scary! Glad the crowds weren’t too bad last night, the parking fee probably WAS a culprit.

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