Light at the End of the Tunnel

Captain’s Log   4,530

I feel stronger today that I did yesterday.  Things are falling into place and the signs continue to lead me forward in my life.    It almost feels as if the Universe is saying GO GO GO!  Yes, I am being cryptic and unclear, but that is necessary for now.

There is a person in my life who is literally pushing me up the ladder and out of the well.  This person has no idea what is happening, but I am so grateful in a cosmic way.  It is challenging but necessary.  It’s like taking bad medicine now so you feel better later.  When I was in the third grade, I was so afraid of the teacher that I started throwing up on Sunday afternoons at the mere thought of going to school the next day.  I was usually fine by Friday afternoon when the last bell rang and I could go home.  The doctor prescribed some sort of foul cherry-flavored liquid that settled my stomach.  I don’t have any of that medicine left to help me now, so I must use my mind skills.  I call it Zen.

light at the end of the tunnel

Walk the path.  You will get there eventually.  

And how sweet it will be when you arrive regardless of how long it takes.

I gaze upon my flower gardens every morning and am pleased with the very idea of spending more time there.  I am anxious to set up my mosaic stuff and start working on projects again.  I will begin rehearsals for California Suite in a few short weeks, and the joy that comes with that project is immeasurable.  

And let us not forget the traveling – by air and car.  Maybe even canoe (highly unlikely).  I am loading myself up with books about traveling the low roads to find amazing places and people.  This will soothe my curious mind and my itchy feet.  I am going.  Alone or with traveling companions – I am going.

I found this book on Amazon for just one penny, so I bought it.  A fellow journalist I read had just purchased it at a used bookstore in Michigan.  It is….amazing.

cross country 2

Be it Route 66 or Historic Highway 80, I am going.  I love to drive and I love to explore.  I am in the tunnel seeking the light.  I know it’s there.  I have been in such places before, and I have always emerged refreshed and renewed and ready for another chapter of experience.  I went through my mid-life crisis years ago.  This is much deeper and far more meaningful.


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21 responses to “Light at the End of the Tunnel

  1. The funny thing about tunnels. While they lead you to the other side, they don’t permit you to meander. You either go back or forward. Nice to know you’ve got your directions straight and enjoying the trip.

  2. I know you are paying attention to all the signs and therefore, the end will soon be in sight……a bright light waiting for you…and it’s not the front of a super fast freigh train getting ready to run you down either.
    I saw the light ~I saw the light
    No more darkness ~ no more night
    Now I’m so happy ~ no sorrow in sight
    Praise the Lord ~ I saw the light.

  3. G will be bounding around by dinner time. He’s on an upswing today. We wouldn’t miss you for anything. 🙂

  4. jo

    Hi Paula

    you are an inspiration a zany one at that

  5. I just bought the book for a penny, too.

  6. It’s always about the journey!

  7. Read the signs. Sometimes life shows you a path, but you have to choose to follow it.

  8. Patty O'Reilly

    I can hardly wait to know more about your adventures!

  9. Penny Tushingham

    The light is getting brighter and the tunnel is getting shorter!

  10. Have you considered the Camino? This lady is single and off she goes. I found her blog fascinating. Maybe someday I too can walk the Camino.

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