Soap Storm

Captain’s Log  4,529

You win some, you lose some.  Most of my soaps I made last night were quite spectacular.  I had one miserable failure.  It made me laugh.  I tried to set it using chocolate body lotion.  The soap had other ideas and turned itself into a swirly tan thing.

I made one set using argan oil – the lovely stuff that comes from nuts eaten off the trees by the climbing goats of Morocco.  After the goats shit out the nuts, they are “harvested” and prepared for a number of different things.  Including my hair oil.  Goat shit oil for me!

You think I am making this up?  Here’s proof!

tree goats

Goats that eat the seeds and poop them out so they can be used for a myriad of wonderful things – including my handmade soap!

Argan oil really smells nice.  Trust me.  It also made a gorgeous soap.


Pretty!  The argan oil soaps are the white one with yellow chunk things.  Everything else in that pile is unscented.  Will work on the smelly soaps next.

And here is my “failure.”  It looks a bit like something you might cough up if you had too much Bailey’s and coffee.

chocolate soap

Chocolate soap.  Great concept.  Poor execution.

Off to the salt mines.


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22 responses to “Soap Storm

  1. Lovely!

    BTW, it’s been a while since I’ve been reading so I’m the “stalker” that just read a dozen or so entries in a row 🙂

  2. stepfordtart

    I had some chocolate bath salts given to me when I was having my cancer treatment. Once it had dissolved in the water it looked like somebody had pooped in my bath. s x

  3. Steph Rake

    I boiught some Moroccan oil for my hair…very expensive…it probably is made out of goat poop oil…I didnt think to ask. It do put a shine on your hair!

  4. jo

    They look lovely with the exception of chocolate one
    The goats look odd in trees- like misplaced birds

  5. They look awesome! I dunno about chocolate soap; on the other hand, I’m not sure there is such a thing as bad chocolate unless it’s burnt!

  6. The soaps look beautiful as always…..

  7. jett

    I always enjoy making soap. Have fun with it!
    Funny that on HSN (or is it QVC?) where I by my argon oil for my face and hair, they never mention the part about the goats!

  8. They are beautiful. In a world where every darn thing is scented, it’s wonderful to come across unscented soaps.

    After so many years, I remember riding in a tightly packed car, on the way to a Sunday school performance or something, and the little boy who said, “Mommy, there’s too much perfume in this car.” I must have been about seven, but even the little girls were among the culprits.

  9. Those soaps are so beautiful- goat shit and all!!!

  10. Joanie Benson


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