De-Molding the Birdbath and Other Fascinating Tasks

Captain’s Log   4,528

It’s festive time in the house!  It’s also de-mold the birdbath time in the house!  It’s all about balance.  I don’t like to de-mold the birdbath, but the sweet little finches need clean water, so it must be done.  Mr. Hawk was out there again this morning looking for breakfast.  He can certainly clear the place out in a hurry.  He is too fast for me to get a photo.  By the time I get the camera, he is gone.  Maybe if I build a finch-blind and wait him out.  I have the camo stuff from geocaching.  I can go out there at dawn with a tiny finch call and a thermos of hot coffee.  If I bring a friend along, we can sit there quietly and whisper lies to each other.  And scratch ourselves.

I love to decorate bottles of juice.  I just do.  I think it’s fun and it makes me happy.   Break out the Yule log!

festive bottles 2

Whee!  What a way to enjoy sparkling apple juice!

I start making soap tonight.  I bought all new stuff – new scents and colors.  The big part of soap making is the waiting for things to set.  The actual process is easy enough for a small child.  I am reading Les Miserables on my Kindle, so that will keep me busy between batches.  I tried to read that book when I was 21 years old and in the hospital with a massive intestinal staph infection.  WAY too sick to read.  I think I carted it around so people thought I was smart and might have felt extra sorry for such a well-read young woman being so damn sick.  The Kindle doesn’t allow you to do that.  Nobody knows the size of the book you are reading.  So, it’s just as easy to read brilliant things or crap.  I like both.  The Kindle keeps it all discreet.

Mr. Hawk just flew over.  I need to build that finch blind NOW!

It’s another day of meetings.  


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12 responses to “De-Molding the Birdbath and Other Fascinating Tasks

  1. If it’s soap making time; it must be Christmas!
    FYI, Florida news had a BIG story about all the sludge in the pipes ~ both residential and commercial……At first I thought they were telling your story but soon realized it was here instead. LOL
    I’m sure the birds are happy to have a clean birdbath again too. Good luck with the hawk. Friends just told us that they had eagles in Michigan that were picking off the little black ducks at their lake….the ducks started hiding underneath the piers to avoid the ANGRY BIRDS!

  2. Your homemade soaps are da bomb. Best-smelling, nicest-to-my-skin option I ever had.

  3. annanotbob

    Love this: “we can sit there quietly and whisper lies to each other. And scratch ourselves.”

  4. I never heard of anybody making soap before – at least not since the poor woman used a cast-iron pot over an open fire using lye. Wow, I’m impressed! (scent-free, please)

  5. One unscented soap please. I’ll come scratch with you.

  6. Rhonda

    Hey Paula – I want my order of 3 soaps please……….

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