Pancakes With a Cutie

Captain’s Log  4,527

I started the day with an early morning breakfast meeting.  Pancakes and coffee at Denny’s.  I certainly know how to live.   My meeting was with a very delightful fellow who is as nice as he is cute.

cutie pie don

Total sweetie pie who shared pancakes with me

If my hair looked that cute uncolored I would probably do it.  Alas, I was not blessed with pretty hair like my breakfast date or Big Sister Mia.  Some people get all the breaks.  My hair is a completely lifeless color that makes me look old rather than interesting.  So, I do a lot to make it look spunky and cute.

My breakfast date also adopted a heroin baby when he was 47 years old and raised her for three years on his own before he met his fiance.  They are getting married in a few months and will be raising two children together.  It takes quite a heart to take on a child with that many problems, but he did it.  She is the love of his life.  I cried when he told me the story.

I didn’t cry but I teared up this morning when I looked at the plumbing that is no longer going to spew sludge.  It is such a comforting feeling!  Especially when I realize there are people in the world with no plumbing at all.  Or people with no food or shelter.  I know there are two schools of thought about what to do when you see someone standing on the corner holding a sign.  To help or not to help in that moment.  I often choose to help.  Who am I to judge what that person might or might not do with the money?  It’s just the way I am.  Soft-hearted with hair that looks bad when left to go grey. 


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12 responses to “Pancakes With a Cutie

  1. I’d certainly call you kind and thoughtful. And insightful and witty and talented and half a dozen other adjectives you fully deserve. Just because you suffer no fools, it doesn’t make you unkind.

  2. Edie

    I’ve said it before but will say it again. You are the kind of person that I would like to have for a friend….

  3. You are kind and thoughtful and I’m surprised you don’t hear that more often! p.s. I’d kill for your hair. I wouldn’t kill you, but I’d kill somebody for your hair! ;o)

    • poolagirl

      People say other things about me, but I never get any of the “good stuff” like kind or thoughtful. In fact, someone told me the other day that “kind” would not be one of the top ten words used to describe me. Yes, my hair is thick and stuff – just a really ugly color. Guess I shouldn’t bitch like I do.

  4. Linda

    Ilike your hair. It is nice and thick. I have such thin hair, almost bald on top. I kept coloring it thinking it would give me more body. Finally gave up and let it go gray. For some strange reason it looks fuller and everyone likes it better. It was a big surprise to me too. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised when you go gray. Soft hearts trump bad hair any day. You are a kind and thoughtful person and that is priceless.

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